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The strategic value of Apprenticeships post Covid-19

Stephen Crawley, Chief Operating Officer at one of the UK’s foremost apprenticeship providers, Skills Training UK, gives his expert insight on how apprenticeships training can re-engage employees and support the achievement of strategic goals.

Article by 15 April 2021


The Apprentice – You’re hired!

Reflecting on his personal and professional journey, Jack says that his attitude and perspective have changed since his school days, just five years ago. He credits this, in part, to the Apprenticeship Programme.

Article by 24 January 2018


The power of apprenticeships

I'm privileged to do some work with apprentices at The Juice Academy, an employer-led social media apprenticeship programme and I simply want to share some real-life experiences on apprenticeships from three perspectives; my own, employers, and apprentices.

Article by 5 March 2014