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It is now a well-known fact that pandemic has changed the whole course of working and employee sentiments. The pandemic waves have caused the change of working style, working promotion, working environment, and workforce recognition. Though it is a known fact that covid has been a massive disruption in the fields of economic, health, and social policies, it has also enhanced the chances of new engagement and opportunities. It led to the biggest ever experiment in the workplace.

According to SEO experts, this change in the work environment and situation has also significantly impacted employees’ mental state. You all know it’s not only the salary behind which every employee runs. Employees run for that extra attention and recognition, which they earn for their hard work and dedication.

Yes, few employees can be money-oriented and only want to keep a professional attitude with the company. But most of the employees are emotionally attached to the company and work for good relationships with the management. They want their work to be recognized by the HR or Manager along with providing luring incentives.

Effect of employee recognition
SEO experts from Brainvire promote and believe that people want to feel respected and valued by their mentors, colleagues, or managers. Studies from Harvard and many others show that there is a drastic change in the turnover rate when employees are given better treatments. In addition, it is seen there has been a rise in employee work rate, punctual presentations, and extra time work, which all boost the business’s profit.

Similarly, when employees feel that they are not valued for their work or not recognized for their sincerity even in these challenging times of pandemic, the work quality automatically decreases. They become lazy in their presentation or work, resulting in a devastating brand image. The work from home mode gets on their nerves, and they find shortcuts to release their frustration. Hence, employee recognition is a significant thing during the pandemic.

How to improve employee recognition-?
There are mainly two aspects of employee recognition during this time of the pandemic. Firstly, identify the chances where you can praise someone. There are always possibilities of finding opportunities where your workers have done extra work or good service; take the chance and honour them. Secondly, doing any physical act of acknowledging the good work of people.

Communication is the key-
SEO experts from Brainvire put great emphasis on your communication skills. Sometimes, you want to praise or express your feelings for your workers but can’t do so. This is because of a lack of communication between you and your worker. A great way to overcome this is to provide questionnaires and surveys for your workers to engage. This way, it can be an indirect form of communication to get an idea of what your workers feel about the business. You can see where you are lacking or if the employees are not happy with how they are treated.

Costing analysis of recognition system-
Workers are not always pleased by good words told about them. Sometimes, they might want a physical or monetary certificate for their hard work in times of pandemic. Giving financial incentives or loyalty bonuses is a great way to keep employees motivated in the business. As a result, the employee satisfaction rate improves, and retention of quality employees also increases.

3 best ways of recognizing an employee –

Praise your employee by name for their service or contribution.
State the reason why you are praising. This will give an extra lift to the person to excel in their service behaviour.
Point out how the service provided by your employee helped in the business—state how their service gave a feeling of pride to you.

You can also show your gratitude by words of affirmation, like written compliments about how the person is working. You can spend quality time with your employee talking about the difficulties they faced in the pandemic, offer help with the workload, have group lunches, or discuss the company’s financial situation. You can also indulge with physical touch of appreciation like handshakes and high fives. But in case of hugs and fist bumps, remember to ask first.

Sometimes, you may find your inputs as the only one trying to motivate or recognize the hardships of your workers. But don’t feel low, instead make yourself an example so that when your workers become managers one day, they also treat their co-workers the same way. An act of kindness or recognition never fails to inspire people.

Recognition is a vital factor for any level of organization or business. Unfortunately, this pandemic has given hard toil to every member of the business fraternity, be it CEO or small servants. Therefore, you should always empathize with your worker’s hard work and feelings, which will give happiness to you both personally and professionally.

    Being a senior business associate, Peter Davidson strives to help different brands and startups to make effective business decisions and plan effective business strategies. With years of rich domain expertise, he loves to share his views on the latest technologies and applications through his well-researched content pieces.

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