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How can HR leaders drive agility in complex and ever-changing times?

Traditional hierarchies are broken, so how can businesses organise themselves so they can navigate and thrive in our complex, ever-changing world? How can you ensure teams can respond quickly to change, challenges and take opportunities? We joined forces with the London School of Economics (LSE) to carry out large-scale research into these questions.

Article by 17 July 2022


Driving agility in HR to plan for an uncertain future

In this time of uncertainty, having the agility to make these decisions at the right time has become critical to managing a workforce. But, the question in many HR leaders’ minds is: how do I plan in an agile way to respond to any event, from the predictable to the unlikely?

Article by 5 March 2021


My Five Predictions for Work in 2021

No one will be surprised to hear me say with confidence that 2020 will be the year that most organisations will happily put behind them. It would have taken a brave person to predict in early January 2020 how April 2020 would turn out. However, not everyone will feel 2020 was a complete failure. Some businesses have boomed, large food stores, on-line retailers, cloud services, communications and Digital providers have all outperformed their own business targets.

Article by 20 January 2021


Meet less. Meet better

The less we come together the more the value, experience and overall success of live meetings must increase. One solution is collaborative creativity. The pandemic will pass, eventually, but in most offices, it seems unlikely that things will ever return the way they were. Suddenly, going to an office every weekday seems unnecessary. However, this poses new challenges and to confront them successfully companies will need to make radical changes in the way people meet to collaborate.

Article by 28 August 2020


Why Trust is Critical to Your Return to Work Strategy

As the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is motoring forward with plans to get people back into work and relaxing the two-metre rule to allow businesses to reopen, employers are developing plans to bring employees back to work safely, giving careful thought to flexible working schedules, seating configurations, visitor policies, use of lifts, food delivery, and much more.

Article by 20 July 2020


Are You Managing the Data Analytics Initiatives Effectively?

Meaningful information has become critical for companies that are jostling for relevancy and competitiveness in the Digital Age. The ability to synthesize huge influx of data to facilitate astute insights and sagacious decision-making has led to a mushrooming of new functions that have evolved from largely-marginalized roles in earlier times, e.g., Statisticians have shed their backroom persona of a solemn data-cruncher to become effervescent Data Scientists as the front-end face of innovation-driven progressiveness. Terms like ‘Big Data’, ‘Machine Learning’, ‘Deep Learning’, ‘Neural Networks’, etc., have permeated the corporate landscape to proactively overcome any foreseen/unforeseen challenges that an organization is liable to face in the race to excellence.

Article by 5 May 2020


Introduction to the HR Agility Scale

There has been an increased focus lately on the need for ‘HR Agility’ within progressive organizations that are seeking a profound competitive edge in the Digital world.

Article by 1 May 2019