The Blog: March 2023

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The new labour market: Why it’s different this time

The shortage of workers likely isn’t going to resolve itself anytime soon. The workers who retired early are not coming back and neither are those who pivoted to more skills-based positions. It’s crucial that you are changing your best practices to accommodate this new “not” normal and keep you ahead as we move forward with a smaller labor market.

Article by Rob DiMase - Sentinel Group 29 March 2023


HR Director role needs to change to support mental health

As work environments in the UK become progressively more demanding, employees are putting new demands on their senior leadership teams and HR decision-makers. The demand for better mental health support comes as UK workers increasingly face challenging workloads, long hours, and pressures to maintain high-performance levels constantly and consistently.

Article by Martin Blinder, Founder - Tictrac 27 March 2023


Addressing algorithmic bias in hiring

Discover how artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the HR industry and enhancing the recruitment process. With AI, HR departments can automate tedious tasks, identify patterns that predict employee turnover, and improve the candidate experience, reducing both time and cost. However, implementing these technologies may perpetuate biases and require careful management to prevent harm. This blog explores AI's current use in HR, emerging regulations in the US and EU, and how to safeguard against potential risks with AI risk management strategies.

Article by Ayesha Gulley - Public Policy Associate - Holistic AI 26 March 2023


How to stop generational differences derailing DEI Initiatives

Generations have different views of diversity based on their lived experiences. The five active generations in the workplace have varying expectations for diversity work as a result. Research indicates that traditionalists and baby boomers are less accepting of DEI work, whereas Millennials see it as a “nice to have” and Gen Z, the generation now entering the workforce, sees it as non-negotiable. There is an opportunity to bridge the gap between the different generational groups and how they view DEI. By implementing these three key strategies- Identify, Plan and Measure.

Article by Julie Kratz 23 March 2023


How to help employees drive their own development

Employee learning and development are now at the heart of many organisations’ priorities for this year. With employee needs and business goals both evolving, HR managers have a constant uphill challenge. This guide breaks down how companies can help employees drive their development more strategically.

Article by Dakota Murphey - Contributor 22 March 2023


Work isn’t working, so how can we fix it?

For millions of employees, work simply isn't working anymore. To attract and keep the best people engaged, employers have to make work more attractive by addressing the things that are making employees unhappy.

Article by Gethin Nadin - Benefex 21 March 2023


How to manage workload effectively

Workers are logging more hours and shouldering heavier workloads than ever before. In both work schedule and work volume, there’s been a steady moving of the goalposts for years.

Article by Joe Mull - Author 20 March 2023


How to attract and retain neurodivergent people

As diagnosis becomes more common and accessible, one in seven of the UK population now fall within the neurodivergent category. Yet it’s estimated that 30-40% of neurodivergent employees are unemployed. That’s three times the rate of people with physical disabilities and eight times the rate of people without disabilities.

Article by Kate Palmer, HR Advice & Consultancy Director - Peninsula 15 March 2023


The importance of healthy eating cannot be overstated

As a manager, part of your job is to inspire your team to do what you want them to do. Typically, this relates directly to their work performance. Their work performance can, however, be directly influenced by their health.

Article by Ellice Hudson 14 March 2023