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Do we know the cost of sick days?

What causes or contributes to sickness absence is a key question to understanding the reasons for absence? The answer is very few organisations know and to reduce the risk of ill health provide a range of health benefits to support employees and address the risks – but do benefits such as a private healthcare plans, EAP, sick pay etc., really help?

Article by Pamela Gellatly 28 February 2023


Four ways remote working has improved company culture

Weronika Niemczyk, Chief People Officer at ABBYY, an intelligent automation company, discusses how company culture has changed: · Greater diversity: No longer restricted by geography, hiring managers could focus on finding candidates based on their skill set rather than their location. · A more innovative, 'people-first' approach to technology: At the start of the pandemic, a survey commissioned by ABBYY revealed that three-quarters (74 percent) of remote staff experienced challenges. Now 64% of company leaders have adopted new technologies to alleviate the stress of working remotely. · Greater flexibility: The focus is now on output rather than time spent at the office, and business leaders are starting to measure performance by output rather than the number of hours worked. It boils down to strong, effective management · Better employee development and engagement: Policy benefits have shifted to prioritising employees on an individual basis and to attract and retain talent, we need to show consideration for individual needs.

Article by Weronika Niemczyk 25 February 2023


How to Stop and Spot Microaggressions in the Workplace

Microaggressions are subtle, everyday non-inclusive behaviors. They tend to affect people of color, women, those with disabilities, people in the LGBTQ+ community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer/questioning), and those that experience other dimensions of diversity at higher rates. These behaviors are extremely common in the workplace and prevent people from doing their best work. Learn what behaviors to watch out for and how to call people in to be more inclusive when you spot microaggressions.

Article by Julie Kratz 24 February 2023


How to maximise town hall meetings

Just how important it is to involve your employees in the strategic direction your company is going? To deny your team of this chance is to underestimate the abilities of your team and to vitally underuse a strength in your company.

Article by Joe Gilliver 23 February 2023


Why expanding globally is a must for successful companies

Globalizing a business is a smart decision for increasing its global reach and accessing global markets, talent, and growth opportunities. The process of expanding a company outside of its main country into foreign places is known as global expansion. A business that expands globally enhances its brand reputation, credibility, and increases customer trust. It also broadens the network of business partners and presents new opportunities in new markets. The global expansion process can also bring a competitive advantage, but it is important to consider cultural differences and conduct a deep dive investigation to understand the impact on the organization. To make the process smoother, consider hiring a Professional Employer Organization in the target country, and market-readiness of the products with proper compliance, testing, and quality assurance evaluation.

Article by Crystal Berg, Business Analyst - NHGlobal Partners 22 February 2023


Bridging skills gap and investing in human capital

This particular downturn has some unique characteristics, most notably a continuing tight labour market. As a result, staff recruitment and retention is a major challenge for organisations all over the world.

Article by Sue Warman - AICPA & CIMA 21 February 2023


Loving what you do versus being burnt out

This blog explores how the last two years have brought challenges of epic proportions for HR leaders, with the pandemic, the Great Resignation, and the current economic downturn and how HR leaders are in a paradox of loving what they do versus being burnt out

Article by Jessica Fuhl, Director of HR Research - Sage 20 February 2023


Essential guide to statutory compliance

In conclusion, statutory compliance is a critical aspect of running a business, as it ensures that organizations are adhering to laws and regulations set forth by government agencies. By implementing compliance measures, organizations can protect themselves from legal and financial penalties and ensure the integrity of their operations.

Article by Karthik - Alp Consulting 16 February 2023


Making talent and tech a winning formula

Investors and venture capitalists have significantly increased funding in the human resources (HR) technology market in recent years. To fully leverage the potential of these technologies, it is necessary to inform them with psychological insights and guide HR management with scientific methods. This article delves into the intersection of technology and science in the field of HR and demonstrates how integrating them can enhance organizational performance.

Article by Benoit Hardy-Vallée and Sarah Linkletter - EPSI 15 February 2023


Four ways businesses can clear women’s paths to leadership

There are many compelling reasons why organisations must become ‘gender intentional’. According to McKinsey & Co, businesses with diversity in executive teams are 25 per cent more likely to outperform others. These companies outperform others largely because, in a fair and equitable, respectful environment, employees are engaged, motivated and deliver a great customer experience.

Article by Keri Gilder, CEO - Colt Technology Services 14 February 2023