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Engagement is the “why”, but what’s the “how?

Everywhere you look there is someone claiming to know the secret formula to employee engagement, for a small fee you too can gain the magic formula to a satisfied workforce.

Article by Joe Gilliver 28 December 2022


Revealed: Most desirable employee benefits

As the battleground for talent continues, employers are taking note of increased employee demands. As a result, employers are offering a wide range of employee benefits to their staff but which of these do employees hail as the most important? In a recent consumer survey of 1000 respondents across the UK, Jigsaw24 found that a quarter (25 percent) of UK workers chose technology products as the most desirable non-wage benefit that their company could provide them with. This is above those selecting private medical care (23 percent), a pension (16 percent) or a gym membership (9 percent).

Article by Tim Bodill 24 December 2022


Gender diversity in tech: How to build inclusion

We need to improve the way we support women in our organisations by building a better culture if we want greater diversity. That means that when the women we hire will stick around and want to be part of our success.

Article by Tracey Robinson 23 December 2022


Debunking the belief that women prefer male bosses

Women nor men care about the gender of their boss - but all of us are guilty to some extent of socially conditioned biases which lead us to evaluate female leaders differently to male ones.

Article by DR PARVES KHAN 22 December 2022


How to recruit and retain Gen Z

Marti Willett, president of Digital Marketing Recruiters, knows what it takes to attract and retain employees. While Gen Zers might present their own unique hiring obstacles, they are not insurmountable. With that in mind, here are some strategies that will help you attract and retain the talent you need.

Article by Marti Willett 21 December 2022


Developing EI for Managers in a VUCA World

Developing emotional intelligence skills is important for leaders in this current VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous), helping them to build strong and effective teams, make better decisions, and rapidly adapt to changing circumstances. This can be key to achieving success in a complex and dynamic environment.

Article by Janice Kaye 20 December 2022


How to use psychology in recruitment

This article talks about the role of Psychology in recruitment. From identifying your company culture to making important decisions, making sure you correctly asses an employee its a very important step in the recruitment process

Article by Gergo Vari 20 December 2022


The future of work and life

The future of work is here, and progressive companies are helping pave the way for the next generations by offering flexibility, adaptability, kindness, inclusion and hope for this new way of work and life.

Article by Lauren Adams 16 December 2022


How to show you’re taking bullying seriously

New attention to the potential for bullying and other kinds of inappropriate workplace behaviours in recent years doesn’t appear to have made any substantial difference to outcomes. Still there’s a binary response among employees. It’s either, ‘I’m going to have to put up with the situation’; or — ‘that’s it, I’m going to a tribunal’.

Article by Arran Heal 15 December 2022


Boosting efficiency with predictive analytics

Predictive analytics is a form of data analysis that uses statistics and machine learning to predict future trends, behaviors, and outcomes. Predictive analytics allows HR professionals to make sense of growing amounts of employees and market data to identify potential challenges associated with employee recruitment, retention, performance management, and other key areas of HR management. Importantly, predictive analytics-based tools are much less biased about a candidate’s competencies and make decisions solely on quantifiable information. 

Article by Andrey Koptelov 14 December 2022