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A practical guide to improve your life

Interpersonal communication can be a good thing or a bad thing. Our interpersonal skills are critical to our self-esteem, mental health, and relationships. The blog goes on to introduce three types of communication styles and offers concrete tips to practice better interpersonal communication.

Article by Nikola Baldikov, Marketing Manager - Brosix, 30 November 2022


This is not simply a financial crisis, but a humanitarian one

With talk of a significant recession, a long-term effort is required to help people cope with what’s happening and everyone has a part to play in ensuring we come through it, collectively, with as little suffering as possible.Employers too have a responsibility to support staff with mental health issues, both in understanding their triggers and taking reasonable measures to ensure they are not exacerbated at work.

Article by Phil Worms, Chief Executive - Frog Systems 30 November 2022


Why is nondiscrimination important for federal Contractors?

When it comes to nondiscrimination programs for federal employees, it’s easy to think that all workers receive uniform levels of nondiscrimination training. However, that is simply not the case. In his article Matt explains Why Nondiscrimination is Important for Federal Contractors?and How Federal Contractor Employers Can Properly Implement Nondiscrimination Training.

Article by Matt Nusbaum, Director - BCG Institute for Workforce Development (BCGi) 29 November 2022


What WHO mental health guidelines mean for HRDs

There needs to a recognition of the basic role of workplace relationships in determining how the typical ups and downs of any job affect people. In a toxic workplace, any kind of challenge, any disappointment, a clash in personalities or minor disagreement, becomes exaggerated. Problems snowball. Better mental health in the workplace is built on good conversations, on the trust and confidence people have in each other.

Article by Arran Heal, Managing Director - CMP 25 November 2022


How does mental health factor into the battle for talent?

As human resources leaders everywhere already know, acquiring talent (and retaining it over time) is paramount to organisational resilience and business success. But without mental health, organisations struggle to hire in and keep valuable staff.

Article by Jamie Styles, People Director - Koa Health 24 November 2022


Taking data-driven HR to the next level

In our digital age, data has never been more important to the effective practice of HR. Practitioners require the insights yielded by advanced data analytics to better meet the needs of the company and make decisions that are aligned to business strategy.  Business leaders, meanwhile, use data to assess the value of HR and measure the effectiveness of key programmes. The use of data analytics is no longer a nice-to-have, but something that is business critical. The only question that remains is how best to integrate data and insights to drive next-level outcomes.

Article by Clare Hickie, Chief Technical Officer for EMEA at Workday 23 November 2022


Resilience comes from culture and leadership, not management courses

Management consultants are currently making a healthy living advising corporate leaders to create a distributed workforce so the issues faced during the Covid pandemic will not be repeated. Their advice is focused on resilience. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Design a resilient business.

Article by David Earlam, Chief Operating Officer - Quantanite 22 November 2022


The World Has Changed: Has Your Culture Changed With It?

The proactive and comprehensive review of organisational culture ensures businesses are meeting the needs and expectations of today’s workforce and ultimately driving success. What should organisations think about before embarking on their intentional culture change journey?

Article by Brenna Hearn 21 November 2022


Why healthcare is a current target for cybersecurity attacks

Recognising the importance of cyber security within your business has been well documented in recent years, but why is the healthcare sector, focused on our care and protection, offering opportunities for cyber crime?

Article by Dakota Murphey - Cybersecurity Specialist 21 November 2022


Effective interpersonal communication

Learn how to communicate better with others in this practical guide. This guide is accessible, easy to read and includes plenty of resources to help you.

Article by Nikola Baldikov, SEO manager - Brosix 18 November 2022