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How to optimise SEO in recruitment

There is no proven strategy for SEO. You have to figure it out on your own. Moreover, search engines keep updating their algorithms so you should also be up-to-date with the latest SEO news. The SEO audit will help you tremendously to find what's going wrong and then come up with an ideal solution. Conduct an audit every few months and rework your current strategy. When HR is recruiting new people they turn into marketers and sales persons. You will be marketing the job offer and the number of candidates who apply for the job is your sale. Wear your marketer hats and become an SEO expert for a while. With proper SEO efforts, you should be able to attract more applicants easily.

Article by Vaibhav Kakkar 30 September 2022


Is your grad scheme fit-for-purpose?

Graduate schemes provide early talent with an introduction to the working world but they are also designed to quickly upskill graduates and allow them to progress into more senior positions within the business. However, often this is not the outcome. Graduates roll off their schemes without the skills they need. There are three fundamental elements to make sure your graduate scheme provides the quick paced skill building that your graduates need. 

Article by Charlotte Burton-Barker, Programmes Manager - Wiser 30 September 2022


How to drop degree requirements without sacrificing candidate quality

Some employers hesitate to drop degree requirements, often stemming from strongly held misconceptions. Learn how companies and hiring teams can work to overcome these misconceptions and bring in job candidates without degrees.

Article by Jeff Mazur, Executive Director - LaunchCode 29 September 2022


Back to work: Is a healthy office even possible?

When the pandemic first hit the UK in early 2020, more than 80% of office workers suddenly found themselves working from home. This was the “new normal” until 2021, when restrictions eased, and people were allowed to return to their previous places of business. In this climate, hybrid working became the norm: according to the Office of National Statistics, nearly 40 percent of Britons worked at least partly from home even after restrictions on office work ended. But as we move into the closing months of 2022, more and more companies are requiring their teams to make their offices their primary places of work. This is placing significant pressure on HR teams to implement policies to support two seemingly incongruous objectives.

Article by Marshal Sterio, CEO - Surgically Clean Air 28 September 2022


Can the four day week put an end to burnout?

The four day week will certainly improve satisfaction levels for a proportion of the workforce, provide more of a release valve for pressures. But more time off is not going to be the simple answer to the UK’s challenges around stress and mental ill-health.

Article by Eugene Farrell, Chair - Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA UK) 27 September 2022


Why is quiet quitting a rising problem for early talent cohort?

Gen-Z entered businesses during a time of changing mindsets around what work is and how it can be carried out sparked by the Covid-19 pandemic. They also are regular users of social media. Both the covid-19 impact and the social media tie to quiet quitting mean that Gen-Z workers are the most likely to embrace the trend.

Article by Charlotte Burton-Barker 23 September 2022


How can we prepare for the incoming recession?

Economists believe there’s a 50-50 chance of a recession hitting the UK in the next 18 months. Past financial crises proved that acting fast and preparation is key, but what steps can chief operating officers take today to protect their businesses tomorrow?

Article by Stuart McDonald, Consulting & Methodology Director - Velocity Smart 22 September 2022


How to confront poor performance

This article discusses the importance of a performance review, the qualities of a successful one, and tips for ensuring that the performance review goes well.

Article by Bryan Christiansen 21 September 2022



As increasingly so called “great leaders” fall on their swords, and as we see another generation of so called “most influential’s” having to hang their head in shame as their actions don’t match their proclaimed values, I am reminded in my quiet retirement of the greatest leader I have ever had.

Article by Graham White 20 September 2022


A focus on sustainability in packaging

Whether they are retailers, manufacturers or service providers, businesses are now expected to demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship across all aspects of their operations.

Article by Thomas Pinnington, Technical Sales Manager - Newcode Partnership 18 September 2022