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Allergy Awareness Week – companies have a duty of care

Last year, a new law surrounding allergen labelling came into force in the UK. With effect from 1 October 2021, all Pre-Packed for Direct Sale (PPDS) foods must now include a full-length list of all the ingredients on the label with allergenic products emphasised and highlighted.

Article by Gavin Scarr Hall, Director of Health & Safety at Peninsula 29 April 2022


Key digital skills to develop in early talent cohort

If upskilling your people with technical knowhow wasn’t a priority before 2020 - it definitely will be now. The World Economic Forum stated that in the next three years, half of all workers will need to be reskilled in order to meet the demands of global innovation. 

Article by Ella Franceys 28 April 2022


Will the Great Resignation become the Great Regret?

The Covid pandemic will be remembered for many, many things, but one silver lining of the extraordinary upheaval to our working lives is the positive steps many have taken to make their working lives better, more balanced and more enjoyable. Even now, two years on, this trend to recalibrate – now commonly termed the Great Resignation - is showing no signs of slowing. In the last three months of 2021 alone, almost 1,000,000 people switched jobs in the UK according to the ONS.

Article by Richard Prime, co-CEO and co-founder of Sonovate 27 April 2022


Corporate Gamification – how to level up training

It’s easy to see why gamified education is so effective — it turns tedious learning into fun. Engaging game mechanics help trainees focus and enter a flow state while learning, but they can also change their mindset and approach towards acquiring new skills for their jobs.

Article by Igor Efremov - Itransition 19 April 2022


Four tax reasons to consider Enterprise Investment Schemes

Since 1994, Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) have been an important tool in the investors’ kit, but many potential investors worry that EIS-eligible businesses are too high risk. Here, Craig Harman, a tax specialist at Perrys Chartered Accountants, explains everything you need to know about Enterprise Investment Schemes, and the tax savings you might be missing out on if you’re not getting involved.

Article by Craig Harman 17 April 2022


The truth about your employee relationships is coming

Whether there’s money available for pay rises or not, HR needs to be thinking about the state of relationships. Problems in workplaces and organisations generally come from disconnection, when employees feel they are not being listened to and acknowledged, when there’s a lack of dialogue.

Article by Arran Heal 16 April 2022


Is it time for WFTO* to trump WFH?

WFH, of course, has its place. It can ideally suit, for instance, people whose main function is writing reports. But in an environment such as ours, where drawings and designs need inspiration as well as expertise, collaboration is a vital part of the mix.

Article by Fergus Adams 16 April 2022


What you need to know about hybrid working

What you need to know about hybrid working It’s two years since the world was shaken and we saw the start of the Covid pandemic which gripped all parts of our daily life. Now well and truly into 2022, we are seeing the number of people being hospitalised falling following a sustained and successful vaccination programme.

Article by Darryll Thomas - MFG Solicitors 15 April 2022