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Effective and engaging training on ED&I

The business case for equality, diversity and inclusion is stronger than ever. Time and again studies have shown that diverse and inclusive businesses deliver higher revenues, demonstrate greater readiness to innovate, have an increased ability to recruit talent and enjoy significantly higher employee retention. A recent report by McKinsey ‘Diversity Wins’ highlights that the dynamics around inclusion are a critical differentiator for companies particularly around talent retention, with recent data also demonstrating an increasingly clear link between board diversity and business performance.

Article by Rena Magdani 31 March 2022


Biggest HR challenge, managing employee feedback.

The number one struggle for HR departments is managing employee feedback once it's received. Since the gathering, management, and resolution of employees falls to HR, this article expands on where the bottlenecks are and what HR leaders believe would improve the feedback process so that employees stay safe.

Article by Claire Schmidt 29 March 2022


The Great Resignation – how to minimise disruption

Established 140 years ago, Banner Jones is a leading law firm with offices in Chesterfield, Sheffield, Dronfield, Mansfield, Nottingham and London. Its 153 strong legal team operates across a full spectrum of legal services; including personal matters such as Personal Injury, Divorce, Wills and Probate, Residential Property and Dispute Resolution through to business advice on Company Formation, Commercial Property, Company Finance, Partnership Agreements, Debt Recovery and Employment issues. The firm also employs a Notary Public in its team - one of the few remaining in Chesterfield.

Article by Katie Ash 28 March 2022


What do staff want from their jobs now?

Covid and the Great Resignation have brought changes to the labour market that represent a once in a lifetime opportunity for retailers to reinvent how they recruit, train, motivate, and empower their staff

Article by Fabrice Haiat, CEO - YOOBIC 24 March 2022


How to use fitness challenges for remote teams

Even though many people understand why fitness and wellness challenges are valuable, they may not know where to start when it comes to engaging a remote team. Although accommodating remote work overall has had it’s challenges, facilitating a fitness challenge for fully remote or hybrid employees isn’t much different from an in-person team.

Article by Kelsey McKee 23 March 2022


Why we need early talent development now

Now more than ever we need to go beyond offering monetary perks to attract and retain talent. We need to be tapping into fundamental needs, providing intrinsically motivating reasons to join and stay at an organisation.

Article by Charlotte Burton-Barker 22 March 2022


Is ‘The Great Resignation’ encouraging more cyber-threats?

While the Great Resignation has been a game changer for companies in all industries, for businesses in the recruitment and HR industry, it has been a seismic - and in some ways positive - change. But, one troubling aspect that has flown under the radar is the cybersecurity implications. For businesses in the recruitment industry, the wave of employee churn has been a boon - but every silver lining has its cloud, and it looks like the explosion in job-seekers is catching the attention of cybercriminals and, in particular, bot operators.

Article by Lynn Marks, Senior Product Manager at Imperva 18 March 2022


How to re-build trust for a hybrid workplace

There’s a reason why so many organisations are still calling for staff to go back into offices. The most obvious challenge for HR and managers generally is around what hybrid does to workplace relationships and levels of trust.

Article by Richard Peachey 15 March 2022


Driving diversity initiatives with ethical AI

Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) have received a lot of attention over the past few years, and employees are putting the onus on their employers to show that they are serious about the subject. How can AI help to drive DEIB initiatives?

Article by José Alberto Rodriguez Ruiz, Chief Data Protection Officer at Cornerstone 11 March 2022


The crucial role of HR teams in the digitization of organizations

Two-thirds of business leaders have mentioned in a recent survey that if their company does not digitalize more soon, it will no longer be competitive. But when it comes to digitizing organizations, it might change the way we work completely. The HR team will be expected to make sure these big changes do not affect the employees anyway and should be able to solve problems arising.

Article by Chintan Jain 11 March 2022