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Menopause what employers need to know

If you have any questions relating to your workplace policies in relation to menopause you can contact the Banner Jones Employment Law team via the website here:

Article by Katie Ash 28 February 2022


Keeping employees in the Great Resignation era

Research conducted by Westfield Health found that over half of workers (53%) state that job security has become more important to them since the start of the pandemic. But to feel secure in their job, workers also want to feel valued and heard at their workplace. This includes feeling that their wellbeing is being looked after and that the job’s perks are rewarding enough for them to stay. If not, workers are likely to look elsewhere.

Article by Vicky Walker, Director of People at Westfield Health 23 February 2022


Will Customer Service Teams Need A Strategy To Manage Loneliness?

By 2026, 75% of customers who call customer service and support organisations will do so out of loneliness, not because they have a customer service issue, according to Gartner. “Lonely customers looking to fulfill their interpersonal needs through service organisations are unlikely to use self-service to resolve their issues, regardless of how well-designed the functionality is,” says Emily Potosky, senior research principal in the Gartner customer service and support practice.

Article by 19 February 2022


Retaining quality talent

Our Quality & Regulatory affairs manager, Jason, has been talking with candidates to gain some inside information for what they will be looking for long-term within a business. Jason says, “They are looking for a healthy, progressive, mental health-conscious and innovative organisation, which helps develop them as an individual, their careers and that they can feel passionate about executing the company mission.” He has helped us pull together a list of the top ways to retain your best talent whilst many are moving on.

Article by Jason Cachia - Fraser Dove 18 February 2022


How the menopause impacts the workforce

According to research we recently carried out, 32% of employers said that absence and sickness are the workplace menopause issues which have most affected their organisation, 23% reported productivity was impacted and requests for flexible working increased by 25% due to staff struggling with the menopause.

Article by Dr Mridula Pore 17 February 2022


The power of the change “within”

HR teams in the very best employers are finally starting to understand the power of change that comes from within. New employee-driven strategies for diversity and inclusion, well-being, and engagement, for example, are proving highly effective in generating the growth-driven transformation that so many businesses need.

Article by Phil Sproston 16 February 2022


Nusrat Ghani Allegations Show When Equal Opportunities Are Lacking in Grievances

Ms. Ghani’s experience, regardless of the future outcomes of a formal inquiry, suggests a concerning disregard for equality within the current government, with the response to date providing stark learnings for any organisation keen to create an inclusive and positive working culture.

Article by Jennifer Smith, Partner, Employment at Forbes Solicitors. 15 February 2022


Understanding effective microlearning and the science behind It

It is through microlearning, with its emphasis on how people best retain knowledge, that companies will keep their teams competitive over the long term.

Article by By Dr. B. Price Kerfoot, Associate Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School Founder, Qstream 14 February 2022


How to implement ethical employee productivity

Michael Cupps, Senior Vice President, Marketing at ActiveOps, discusses the future of ethical employee management and how to keep good staff from going elsewhere.

Article by Michael Cupps, Senior Vice President, Marketing at ActiveOps 12 February 2022