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2022 must herald an employee experience revolution for deskless workers

Next year, as we face continued uncertainty with the pandemic and seek to understand our new normal, one thing is certain - organisations must focus on modernising their workforce management technology to set up employees up for success with streamlined communication and clear expectations before they show up for work each day.

Article by Marc Gingras, SVP Employee Experience Strategy at WorkForce Software 27 December 2021


Tackling harassment – seven insights that will help

In our recent survey on the “State of Workplace Harassment,” we uncovered a number of insights into who’s contending with harassment, how many are reporting issues they see (and if not, why?), how workplaces are doing on resolving reported issues, and more. Here are the top insights that will hopefully give you more context as to how pervasive the issue of harassment is in the workplace, which will help you understand the current state of your workplace, too.

Article by Claire Schmidt 22 December 2021


Should babies be permitted in workplaces?

MP Stella Creasy has been pulled up for having her 13-week-old baby with her in the House of Commons. She has long advocated for MP’s rights to take maternity leave and argued that by preventing children from attending debates with their parents, the Government is putting up barriers for MP’s who are working parents. Many employers may now be wondering if they should allow this.

Article by Kate Palmer, HR Advice & Consultancy Director 21 December 2021


Time to wake up to conflict at work

In a one year period, the cost of conflict to UK organisations was £28.5 billion – the equivalent of more than £1,000 for each employee. Close to 10 million people experienced conflict at work. Of these, over half suffer stress, anxiety or depression as a result; just under 900,000 took time off work; nearly half a million resigned, and more than 300,000 employees were dismissed

Article by Louisa Weinstein 20 December 2021


What can businesses do to mitigate against modern slavery?

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 has been a milestone in putting modern slavery on the agenda and provides useful guidance for organisations with a turnover of over £36m. Unfortunately, it hasn’t gone far enough to actually start the eradication of modern slavery, especially within supply chains where companies often fall under the threshold for reporting. To help prevent such instances, businesses can carry out due diligence checks across the entire supply chain and have a comprehensive Modern Slavery Statement that incorporates deliverable actions and outlines the necessary steps that should be taken to address issues of Modern Slavery in supply chains.

Article by Gemma Archibald 17 December 2021


How investing in alumni can save HR recruitment headaches

But if companies that invest in a meaningful lifelong employee journey consistently outperform those that don’t, why are so many alumni engagement programmes limited to ad hoc email communications of company updates, personnel changes, and obituaries? What are the alternatives?

Article by Ed Shrager 16 December 2021


Off-Payroll working: Are you taking reasonable care?

Implementing Off-Payroll is not difficult. The hard part is the status determinations, and everything else is admin. Many large firms have in-house expertise, have conducted considerable research and have a very good understanding of IR35 matters. They then choose an automated tool to supplement their own expertise and streamline their processes, having conducted considerable due-diligence.You can implement a process for Off-payroll working yourselves, meet reasonable care, and whilst some consultancy help at the start may be useful, you don’t need to pay ongoing consultancy fees once you’ve got your process in place.

Article by Dave Chaplin 14 December 2021