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Six important insights into workplace safety for the return to work

Workplace safety matters, but organizations can't take action on resolving issues unless they know about them. As workplaces make the return to indoors in the face of rising COVID case numbers, listening to employee concerns and fears, and keeping a flexible and resilient attitude, will be what gets workplaces through 2021.

Article by Claire Schmidt 31 August 2021


Modern Customer Journeys Require New Skills in The Contact Centre

In my last article here, I wrote about the excitement of working in a contact centre in the 2020s. Far from the stereotype, modern contact centres are full of emerging technologies, such as Big Data analytics and AI, making them a fantastic place for people to build a career in areas as diverse as sales, marketing, and technology.

Article by 27 August 2021


10 Rules How to Support Employees In Difficult Times

Every organization has difficult times. Sometimes they are caused by the general economic situation in the region, the country, or the world - as, for example, during an economic crisis. And sometimes the difficulties are related exclusively to the peculiarities of the development of the company itself, to the properties of its market niche.

Article by Helen Wilson 24 August 2021


How RPOs can help address bias and improve Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEI&B) is rightly a hot topic in the corporate world. Increasingly, companies are building policy frameworks which they hope will help them to create a positive environment that accepts and embraces individual experiences and supports a true sense of belonging among their workforces. But policies are not enough – commitments and progress need to be overtly visible to your people and your customers.

Article by Andy Curlewis 23 August 2021


Learning your way out of the pandemic

In the UK, eCommerce sales rose 36% year-on-year in 2020[i], the fastest growth since 2007. This has been driven by a huge (partially enforced) shift in consumer behaviour with 46% of UK consumers purchasing a product online that they had previously only ever purchased in store before the pandemic began. Analysis from GlobalData[ii] shows that 9 out of the top 10 global ecommerce companies (by revenue) experienced double-digit growth in 2020 as new consumer habits swayed in their favour. And according to Charged Retail, Amazon is now on course[iii] to become the UK’s largest retailer by 2025. In parallel, the need to engage customers in the digital channels where they congregate and drive demand in digital channels has exploded. With it comes a greater need for digitally skilled marketers, as well as eCommerce experts.

Article by Richard Breeden, Managing Director econsultancy 20 August 2021


Employer voices are vital in changing apprenticeships to meet business needs

The introduction of apprenticeship standards was a major step forward in ensuring apprentices could develop the skills needed to perform their job effectively. But it was just the first step towards a new and more collaborative way of working, with training providers listening to employers to understand industry needs and deliver flexible and responsive solutions.

Article by Nikki Bardsley, Director of Apprenticeships & Skills Operations, Seetec Outsource 19 August 2021


Do employers have the right to sack employees who refuse to be vaccinated?

While 47 million people in the UK have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine, recent analysis shows there are still roughly 1.3 million people who have not taken up the offer to get a vaccine, despite being eligible. As employers look to encourage employees to get vaccinated before returning to offices, here are some key things to bear in mind for what you can and can’t do if an employee refuses to take the jab.

Article by Melanie Darlington 18 August 2021


Power to the People – Why Employee Experience is King

There have been more people changing jobs and careers in the past 18 months than in the last decade because of the new ethos shift from ‘living to work’ towards ‘working to live’. So, what really matters to employees now?

Article by Sharon Barton 17 August 2021