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Why recruiters are missing the mark on recruiting early talent

People who are excited to join the workforce and showcase their skills would love to work for companies that are ready to put those skills to the test. In most cases, though, recruiters fail to connect the best talent with deserving companies searching for competitive candidates. 

Article by Vern Howard, CEO and Founder, Hallo 30 June 2021


How to navigate the complexity of business trips to and from EEA countries

Following the end of the Brexit transition period at the beginning of this year, employers who haven’t needed to worry about immigration requirements or engaging with border authorities before may now have to do so, including for seemingly straightforward journeys such as short-term business trips or transfers between companies.

Article by Shabana Muneer 29 June 2021


How people analytics can create a culture of care and success

2020 was a big year for human resources/ people teams. HR played a pivotal role in responding to Covid-19, shifting to remote work, engaging the workforce and maintaining workplace equity. However, 2021 will test HR teams to the max — many challenges still need to be addressed such as employee experience, employee well-being in both remote and hybrid workplaces and continued adoption of technology in HR.

Article by Vikrant Kapur - Head of People at India 28 June 2021


Essential tips for employee retention

Having a strong employee retention strategy offers a lot of benefits. They are the reason why businesses flourish so much because they bring more customers to a company and up their profits and revenues.

Article by Shubham Joshi 27 June 2021


Addressing the issues of non-compliance in the supply chain

The world of work has radically changed over the last 40 years.  Gone are the days of the 9-5 as we have seen a significant rise in the number of people opting to work for themselves as freelancers and contractors.  And, along with the prominence of the contingent workforce has come a proliferation of regulation and legislation as policymakers seek to catch up with the fast-moving pace of the modern working landscape.  And legislation is failing the modern day workforce.

Article by Crawford Temple 26 June 2021


Now is the time for more inclusive and responsible business

Businesses often ask me what they can do to help refugees. While many businesses, like our corporate partners do a tremendous amount to support refugees, sometimes I hear questions such as; “we want to do something, our staff want us to do something, but we don't know how to help.”

Article by Matthew Powell 25 June 2021


Why it matters how your employees divorce

Families have been put under strain as never before by the pandemic. In this article, Harry Gates of The Divorce Surgery explains why and how employers should do more to help out. And why it is in their own interest to protect key staff.

Article by Harry Gates 24 June 2021


Goodbye manual HR processes, hello people analytics

Over the past year, we have witnessed companies adopt digital transformation and collaboration and it has been no different for the HR sector either. The move towards adopting people analytics comes amid a sea of changes in the way people work given the ongoing crisis, additionally, there has been a need to break away from manual interventions in HR, which prove to be costly and ineffective in the long-term.

Article by Vikrant Kapur - Head of People at India 23 June 2021


Five key tips for organising successful mentorship

Though the advent of remote working has been overwhelmingly positive for the work-life balance, for newer employees, a lack of physical contact between the organisation and themselves can lead to feelings of isolation and separation. For this very reason, establishing a constructive workplace mentoring scheme is more important than ever.

Article by Jo Eaton 23 June 2021


Employee turnover will be high if hybrid working feels unfair

After 15 months of lockdown some people are returning to offices, while others will opt to work from home - at least part-time. Without the right systems and processes in place, recognition and reward risks being applied unfairly in this new hybrid world of work. "Recognition 3.0" promotes fairness by applying modern engagement science and peer-to-peer, frequent recognition that reinforces values-based behaviour.

Article by Jon Maddison, EMEA Managing Director, Achievers 23 June 2021