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How to be part of the performance revolution?

A striking finding from the research was how levels of customer satisfaction enjoyed by Top Employers in the UK were increasing in spite of the Covid-19 crisis, and the disruption and adversity created. Two-thirds reported increases in customer satisfaction levels, with only 1% reporting a decrease over the same period. 68% reported improved revenue growth (compared with 61% the previous year) and 56% a hike in profitability (up from 49% in 2019).

Article by Phil Sproston 28 May 2021


Six ways to pull people together at a critical time

Despite the fact we had already successfully trained 5,000 St John volunteers to help NHS frontline staff fight the pandemic on ambulances and in hospitals, the challenge here required us to recruit and train six times that number, in new skills including administering the vaccine.

Article by Yvonne Murray 26 May 2021


What is acceptable practice when monitoring employees?

With Coronavirus and the evolution of rapidly improving tech surveillance systems acting as dual drivers of increased home working, this has led many employers towards introducing or at least considering ways to monitor staff behaviours. However, to avoid legal and ethical pitfalls (not to mention the severe reputational damage that can result), they should proceed with caution. In particular, employers should carefully consider their reasons for monitoring staff as well as how those activities are reflected in governance and related compliance controls.

Article by Christian Brundell, Senior Associate at Walker Morris LLP 25 May 2021


If you had to pay everyone for their time, would you hold that meeting?

There are many costs to meetings. There are the financial ones, we estimate that with a company that have 10 hours of meetings per week with 4 staff, that is costing them just over £25k per year. That’s a lot of money, it could be a salary, not for the CEO, but an extra person to be doing some of the work.

Article by Hayley Watts 20 May 2021


Recruiting for a scaling business

Scaling a business can be incredibly exciting but, it can also present a unique set of challenges - not least that of recruitment.  A successful scale-up relies on a business having not only the right number of employees but ensuring that those employees have the right skills and experience to take the company to the next level.  While this may sound simple, in reality, it’s a little more complicated.  One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses is striking a balance between budget and recruitment. 

Article by Jamie Beaumont 18 May 2021


Essential checklist for recruiters hiring 100% remotely

In this specific article we're going to talk about the entire process of hiring candidates from anywhere you're situated! We have included a checklist that can also be used to recruit with utmost care. Keep reading to learn more.

Article by Eli Franklin 6 May 2021


Jeff Bezos – why not all leaders have to be ‘innovators’

The word innovation is often used to describe successful things and successful people, but when the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, crosses our mind, we don’t typically think of him as the most innovative. Why is this?

Article by Dr Curt Friedel 5 May 2021


How to achieve diversity and inclusion aspirations using data

New technological advances and methodologies are now making it easier for HR leaders to understand and improve their (D&I) strategies by using data and analytics. This includes: • Developing a Drivers of Representation (DoR) metric to evaluate how well an organisation is achieving its corporate D&I targets • Identifying any problem areas or departments affected by unconscious bias Organisations are increasingly prioritising the improvement of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in the workplace but have been traditionally restricted by the data they can access, alongside the level of analysis it is capable of performing. A diverse and inclusive organisation is more likely to attract and retain a wider pool of talent, foster innovation, build resilience and perform better financially.

Article by Darshan Baskaran 5 May 2021