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Businesses must learn the lessons of Euro Super League fiasco

Most importantly, though, all businesses must put their customers at the heart of everything they do. And when it comes to football, customers are in a league of their own. I might choose to do my big shop at Tesco one week, then quite happily go to Morrison’s the next, but football isn’t like that. “Customers” stay with their club for life; their loyalty is unwavering and it needs to be reciprocated.

Article by Neil Bradbrook 29 April 2021


Outplacement Services: carrot or stick for departing execs?

When downsizing occurs, outplacement services are standard fare for senior leaders. Partnering with specialized firms enables organizations to recognize corporate executives for their contributions, demonstrate a strong employment brand and ultimately, ease the transition for both the departing leader and the company.

Article by Anne Sample 26 April 2021


How to re-build confidence in the workforce

Employers need to help workers get a 360-degree view of what is happening around them – so they can feel secure and build confidence in an uncertain world.

Article by Mark Balaam 19 April 2021


The strategic value of Apprenticeships post Covid-19

Stephen Crawley, Chief Operating Officer at one of the UK’s foremost apprenticeship providers, Skills Training UK, gives his expert insight on how apprenticeships training can re-engage employees and support the achievement of strategic goals.

Article by Stephen Crawley 15 April 2021


How to create a culture of continuous learning

Moving forward, the hybrid workspace is going to see an increased demand for new skills. As Microsoft details in its e-Book, ‘Embracing the New World of Work’, over the next five years it’s estimated there will be approximately 149 million new tech jobs. So, it’s crucial that businesses start thinking today about the skills they might need tomorrow.

Article by Tiffany St James 15 April 2021


How to encourage creative thinking inclusively and remotely in the new world of work

Our workplace culture has changed in the last year. We’ve moved from physical to virtual, and in the future, we’ll be seeing a more hybrid approach. Organisations have rapidly adopted and leveraged digital tools. Team meetings, one-to-ones, town halls, and even after-work socials have moved to virtual. This has also meant brainstorming meetings, ideation and design activities have too. Yet often, these creative thinking sessions stereotypically are based on ‘being in the room’ harnessing the energy from that to create ideas.

Article by Terry Room 14 April 2021