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What Corporates Can Learn from Disrupters?

Entrepreneurs, misfits, crazy ones, rebels, troublemakers, risk takers and rule breakers. Just a few of the terms used to describe us entrepreneurs over the last 20 years. Since the term ‘entrepreneur’ emerged into everyday vocabulary, entrepreneurs have become synonymous with disruptive style behaviours, which has in turn become synonymous with mythical success and disruptive greatness.

Article by 29 September 2020


The Performance Management Revolution

As we begin to re-imagine a new, better normal and assess how work evolution has been accelerated by the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, many of the traditional foundations on which employment have been based for generations, look medieval and none more-so than the cornerstone of Performance Management, the dreaded annual performance review. Clearly it has no place in the present and future frame and arguably, was never fit for purpose. Few would argue that performance reviews were anything other than an anathema to the spirit of creativity and collaboration. But by far the greatest negative of annual reviews was the blunt instrument of either financial rewards for positive or punitive action for negative. In the evolving world of collaborative effort and knowledge share, the reality is that contribution is far more complex, nuanced and discretionary.

Article by 24 September 2020


Confident Remote Leadership

What would you say is the biggest challenge facing managers at the moment? Keeping a great culture alive while working remotely? Onboarding new employees effectively in a virtual environment? Motivating and engaging people when the energy of face-to-face is lost?

Article by 15 September 2020


5 essentials of Disruptive Innovation for Corporates post Covid19

Whether or not there will be a full return to work, increased remote working is looking inevitable. With it will come a plethora of consequences and options that will and have already changed the way we work. We know from disruptive organisations that have been working remotely for years that this will not simply result in new working protocols and practices. What successful disruptive organisations that have been working remotely for many years tell us is that it will also change the hierarchy, organisational infrastructure and crucially culture and team dynamics of corporates permanently.

Article by 10 September 2020


How can wellbeing improve employee attraction and retention?

Employees should always strive to do their best while at work, whatever the circumstance. In practice, however, this simply isn’t the case. Disengaged, unmotivated, unsupported employees are more likely to underperform and even leave a company due to poor workplace culture. It’s simple - people want to be happy. Feeling satisfied, cared about and encouraged leaves us feeling good about ourselves and our situation. This leads to us feeling equipped and empowered to do our best and work to the best of our abilities.

Article by 8 September 2020


Preparing your team for the future of work

We live in an age of technological disruptions. Every industry will be affected by Artificial Intelligence on some level. In the past, technical knowledge and skills were often sufficient to get you ahead in most industries, but that’s no longer the case.

Article by 3 September 2020


Managing a diverse workforce:
Driving creativity through diversity in your workplace

The promotion of equality and the fight against discrimination is rightly one of the top agenda items with regards to businesses’ approach to their employees, their customers and wider societal impact. It is increasingly necessary for employers to actively encourage equality, and businesses are recognising that workplace diversity can be highly beneficial in making for a more creative, consistent, and productive workforce.

Article by 3 September 2020