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Productivity, Collaboration and Communication in the New Normal: 5 lessons from the masters

As teams begin to return to work, increasing numbers will be working remotely at least in part. This is something that companies like Wordpress, Buffer and Zapier have been doing for a while. Their experience can teach us a great deal and provide opportunities for innovation that will survive beyond Covid 19. Buffer’s study on the State of Work in 2020 reported that 40% of remote workers surveyed cited lack of collaboration, communication, and loneliness as their biggest struggles. These factors can often lead to conflict within teams and, crucially, personal unhappiness. If this is not addressed early as part of everyday culture it quickly starts to fester and employees become harder to reach. The impact on productivity, communication, collaboration and mental health is pretty immediate and can quickly spiral.

Article by 30 June 2020


How COVID-19 has impacted organisational culture

Organisational culture is an important part of why employees choose to work for a company – and what keeps them there for the long-term too. More specifically, the culture of an organisation is exactly what makes employees feel as though they ‘fit’ within a workplace, which can affect happiness, motivation and ultimately, productivity.

Article by 26 June 2020


Rallying together in challenging times: The importance of rebuilding a sense of community to help organisations recover

By the speed of its spread, the pandemic has challenged even the most prepared organisations, forcing leaders to make high-quality decisions about how they support remote working at scale, how to implement new arrangements for front-line employees and how they ensure business continuity. The new working conditions that have arisen have impacted social interaction and challenged the workforce communities that once existed. Employers need to understand the importance of rebuilding and maintaining this sense community, to ensure their organisation stays united through these difficult times and into an uncertain future.

Article by 25 June 2020


Are you fixated on the scoreboard and not watching the game?

Focusing on the scoreboard would have been disheartening and self-defeating, because scoring 3 goals in 45 minutes would have seemed impossible. So, whether by accident or by design, the players and coaches focused on the game: focused on what they were going to do next to score. They believed if they could score a goal, they could get a foothold in the game. They focused on a set of detailed actions and put everything else out of their minds. They reduced all of their feelings and thoughts into what they were going to do next.

Article by 24 June 2020


How to prepare for people coming back into the workplace

As the lockdown restrictions begin to be eased across the UK, more workers are being asked to return to the workplace and many of us are thinking beyond the immediate crisis and looking to the long term impact on our people and operations.

This is a unique time for employers to really affect change, build resilience in your work force, enhance your organisation’s competitive edge and ensure future proofing to meet the changing nature of the business world, here are my thoughts;

Article by 22 June 2020


How Coronavirus has impacted the most in-demand skills

The term “unprecedented times” has been used a lot over the last few months to describe the current pandemic. But many businesses are starting to think about the implications of these “unprecedented times” from another, more forward-looking angle.

Article by 19 June 2020


Succession planning: the key to a future-proofed workforce

Succession planning is a vital part of future-proofing a business’ long-term viability. But while most organisations have some form of planning in place, the question remains: are they truly planning for the future or are they focusing on finding a fix for their current issues?

Article by 18 June 2020


A whole new normal

This month things are starting to open up and some are talking about the “return to normal”. Is this what we really want though? I personally think many people have started to question whether this was all really just to return to the exact same way we were living before the pandemic. Normal, doesn’t sound great from an environmental, political, social and wellbeing perspective to me. The status quo that reigned before the virus hit globally saw 1 out 3 employees feeling disengaged, the rise of unemployment and the rise of mental health concerns. So, my question to all organisational leaders is, is this really what we want to go back to? Is this the legacy we wish to leave as organisations in the world?

Article by 17 June 2020