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Simple steps to support an employee benefits programme

It’s the time of year when many companies are reviewing and assessing the success of their employee benefits programme and deciding whether to renew for another year or add in some new benefits or products. But if the programme isn’t getting as much engagement as it should be, then there are five key steps to take to help change that.

Article by 27 February 2020


Enter a New Reality of Employee Training –
Prepare your workforce with simulated learning that mirrors real-life scenarios.

When virtual reality (VR) technology first came out it was a novelty primarily seen as an innovative way for gamers to dive into a digital world. It has grown into something so much more—a collaborative and interactive application that is a key tool in any modern workplace’s arsenal. Organisations that want to meet the expectations of the millennial and Gen Z workforce need to understand the types of technology they prefer to use, both for personal and professional use.

Article by 20 February 2020


EVP – Right for Everyone?

Sadly, for some people at work, if hell doesn’t materialise the moment they walk through the door, it may do at some later stage. Practices and policies which seemed a welcome change from their past employment may turn out to be mere words rather than enacted reality; benevolent managers move on elsewhere and untrusting ones take their place; the culture of the organisation changes because of commercial drives or leadership changes.

Article by 20 February 2020


EVPs: Business as UNusual

Eight years working in the telecommunications industry has left me with an anthology of anecdotes to draw from when exploring and trying to articulate the future of work. Here’s my latest; reimagining an EVP is like walking into a telco store to purchase a new mobile phone contract.

Article by 19 February 2020


This 2020 be a Role Model

I’ve worked in and outside of HR throughout my career and have at many times defended us to friends and people I meet around what HR is or isn’t. Last year as I saw more and more of my friends and HR colleagues go through difficulties within their careers, the news on organisations closing down and listening to everyone around me, I got thinking we really need to make a point in being the role model for organisations especially when things are tough.

Article by 18 February 2020


The Case for Preferring High-Commitment (HICO) Over High-Potential (HIPO) Talent to Succeed in the Digital Age

High-Potential (HIPO) employees have been the mainstay of many Talent Management systems for a number of years within progressive organizations to bolster Succession Planning initiatives. Their ‘elevated’ status from the general workforce is often seen as an affirmation of the qualities needed to fill critical leadership positions in the organizational hierarchy.

Article by 11 February 2020


Redefining productivity and how it is measured – The five reasons why productivity is so elusive

We’re good at being unproductive in the UK. It’s all part of our British heritage, along with our unique sense of irony and our weird and equally unique traditions. This is despite the repeated efforts of our captains of industry to shake off our dull sloth and seize the opportunity to jump to the top of the productivity league table, so we can all share in the profits which will thenceforth automatically flow.

Article by 6 February 2020