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Limiting damage caused by concentrated power and mega reward

Sir Martin Sorrell’s resignation as WPP chief executive had a seismic effect on the world’s biggest advertising company.  As another company with power concentrated in a strong founder its aftershock may well be felt for some time as governments ponder any intervention.

Article by 25 May 2018


Opportunities in Learning & Development Tech

Recently I presented my view on the status of HR Tech (HR Tech Trends: update). One of the conclusions: there seem to be good opportunities in the learning area. As a follow up on this presentation, I had a short brainstorm with some network partners. The question on the table: which trends should be considered when designing innovative learning solutions? This is a short summary of our conversation (that will be continued)...............

Article by 21 May 2018


Covert cameras and fingers in the till

Surveillance at work is a tricky issue. Employers need to protect their business and property, including against the risk of unscrupulous employees.  The difficulty arises where this practical necessity comes up against data protection law and human rights.

Article by 18 May 2018


Building An Effective Wellbeing Programme

Having delivered wellbeing programmes for both SME’s and International Organisations it’s always interesting to see how each company takes a different approach to implementing a wellbeing programme.  Some are executed perfectly while others completely miss the mark.   Having made my own fair share of mistakes I have learnt a lot about wellbeing and how to really make it work.  In this blog I want to provide you with some insights and my top tips one creating an engaging and inspiring wellbeing programme.

Article by 16 May 2018


Gone Fishing

This story has particular poignancy for me – not least as the guy who once busily lived a life, regularly between two countries with his family in one. Learning that no matter how incredible your career might be, or how amazing the people you share your working life with is, ultimately sharing the balance of your time with the people who inspire you to work, for me, my family, is about finding my own box on the jetty.

Article by 14 May 2018


What role should psychometrics play in the recruitment process?

Over the last five years, psychometric testing has become a core part of the hiring process at all levels of recruitment. In fact, over three quarters of employers use psychometric testing alongside CVs, application forms and interviews. The technique is used to assess an individual’s specific aptitude and skill in areas such as potential, leadership, behavioural traits and more. They can also give a gauge of personality to ensure that the candidate would be the right “fit” for the organisation they are being recruited for.

Article by 11 May 2018


The smallest performance improvements can lead to business ‘Gold’

It is shocking to realise how far the UK is behind its European counterparts regarding productivity, with output during the past decade being its lowest since the 1820s. Recent findings from the Office for National Statistics got me thinking about the potential causes of this slowdown, which are still not entirely understood and could be caused by any one of a number of complex issues – the working environment, culture, training and the technology tools businesses have available, for example. 

Article by 9 May 2018