The Blog: June 2017

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Gary Cookson

Prepare to be boarded

In this blog I'll discuss the importance of creating the right experience for new employees during the onboarding and induction period. In this phase, future levels of engagement by that employee are either set upon a solid foundation or are doomed to failure.

Article by 29 June 2017

Jane Sparrow

Why HR needs to both become and spot change agents

2016 was only the pebble dropping into the pond. 2017...18...19 will be the ripples that we need to contend with, with much yet unknown and no doubt, many more surprises to come. All we know is that change is constant.

Article by 8 June 2017

Cinthya Quijano

Why change is a bad word?

I've noticed a trend at different events I've gone to that I'd like to share with you as readers. I get asked the typical question, "what do you do?", and I mention that I'm an organisation development professional. I usually get asked what that means.

Article by 5 June 2017