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What would my list of important characteristics of HR leaders look like?

The top of my list, not necessarily in order of importance:


  1. A good HR professional, with a broad view on the profession.
  2. Is independent.
  3. Has a very good relation with CEO and other members of the top team.
  4. Has a clear vision, and is able to articulate the vision.
  5. Business orientation, and more, loves the business she/ he works in.
  6. Is creative and innovative.
  7. Is able to design and implement high impact HR interventions.
  8. Is a change agent and loves change.
  9. Has a great ability to influence others, including the CEO.
  10. Has a strong network she/he can utilize.
  11. Has a global orientation and international experience.
  12. Is a people person.
  13. Can attract and challenge talent.
  14. Can deal with ambiguity.

Personally I would also like a person with a good sense of humor, who does not take the HR profession too seriously.

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