Contributors Brief

Thank you for your contribution to this month’s issue. In addition to the copy, we will also need the items below. Please use this checklist to ensure that you submit everything requested by the copy deadline – or to advise us if any of the items are not available.

  • Photos of the writer and of anyone quoted within the copy
  • Logos of each company mentioned
  • Any other generic imagery that would illustrate either the topic or the company – buildings, employees, products etc
  • The website address of each company mentioned – please place at the bottom of the copy
  • A contact name and postal address to which the magazine should be sent when it is published.


  • All images MUST be high resolution (300dpi) or we will not be able to use them
  • All images should be as large as possible, but a minimum of 5cm wide
  • Preferred format for images are jpeg, tif or eps but we will also accept high-resolution pdf files
  • Preferred format for logos is vector based – all fonts must be outlined – including Illustrator and Freehand eps files.

When you submit the copy, please list the images and other items that you are sending, and also those that are not available.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.