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Solus eshots

If you would like to generate leads and send a bespoke communication promoting your brand, product or service directly to our HR & People Leader readership of 8,500+, our popular Solus Eshot is for you.

Simply provide us with your html file via our Ads Portal where you can check the date scheduled, preview your email and approve it prior to us sending to our readership.

For advertising rates and further information, please click here to download our latest Media Pack


To book, please contact:

t: 01454 292063


HTML Copy Deadlines
Once a send date has been agreed for your eshot, you must keep to it. We are unable to re-schedule due to the limited availability for this product and you will still be charged the full rate if you cannot provide your html artwork in time. We ask for your html copy 1 week prior to the send to enable us to test it thoroughly and send you a proof for you to approve.

Please provide your HTML file to the following specifications:

  1. Copy should consist of both images and text built up of HTML code and .gifs.
  2. HTML code must be supplied in a <table> tag structure of no more than 600 pixels.
  3. CSS / style sheets must not be used to format emails – all formatting must be created as inline HTML within the table itself.
  4. Do not include ‘unsubscribe’ links as this is being sent by us
  5. All images need to be in a GIF or JPEG format only (max file size 40kb). All graphics should be hosted on a live server and referenced as absolute URLs within the creative before it is sent to theHRDIRECTOR.

Please also supply:

  • An alternative text version (plain text).
  • A subject header for the email.
  • An approver’s email address(es). A proof email will be sent to you to check the set up of the campaign.

Best Practice:

  • Ensure your call to action is well placed (ideally above the fold)
  • It is advisable that the height of the copy should not exceed 1000 pixels (so not too long which can be off putting).
  • Do not use <body>, <p>, <span> or <div> tags as these are removed by some email service providers.
  • Animated gifs do not display correctly in Outlook 2007.
  • Do not use background images <bg> as these are removed by most email service providers.
  • Flash and Rich Media files cannot be used in emails.
  • Do not use unique / custom design fonts. Ensure fonts and hyperlink text, colours and sizes are consistent throughout the message.

Please note that your creative cannot be accepted if :

  • The copy consists of one large graphic, or copy made entirely of images, due to image blockers / spam filters.
  • .htm is designed to include Cascade Style Sheeting (CSS), or JavaScript.
  • .htm is supplied with separate graphics/images.
  • .htm is designed in a word processing package (e.g. Word for Windows, FrontPage)
  • The copy is supplied as a PDF


Read the latest digital issue of theHRDIRECTOR for FREE

Read the latest digital issue of theHRDIRECTOR for FREE