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holiday pay

Employer’s own contract required voluntary overtime to be included in holiday pay

In Flowers and Ors v East England Ambulance Trust, the Trust resisted claims that voluntary overtime should be included in calculations for holiday pay, only to discover that the entitlement already existed according to the  ...

Article by Makbool Javaid July 16, 2018


Acas publish new online guidance on overtime

Acas has published new online guidance on overtime which relates to any additional hours worked over and above a worker’s fixed, contractual working hours. Acas point out that employers may offer overtime to cope with ...

Article by Makbool Javaid July 10, 2018

Warning for 60 days’ sickness absence was discrimination arising from disability

In DL Insurance Services Ltd v O'Connor, O’C is disabled. In 2009, O’C asked to work flexibly and the employer made some reasonable adjustments. Her absences put her above the trigger points for action in ...

Article by Makbool Javaid July 9, 2018

Manager dismissed for calling Prince George a symbol of ‘white privilege’

A former British Council manager who was dismissed after calling Prince George a symbol of ‘white privilege’ is claiming unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal and philosophical belief discrimination. Metro report that Angela Gibbins, was dismissed after ...

Article by Makbool Javaid July 18, 2017

Leigh Day launch equal pay claim against Tesco

Law firm Leigh Day have announced that legal proceedings have begun in the first equal pay claims against Tesco over disparity between store workers and depot workers’ pay. Lawyers argue that employees working in the ...

Article by Makbool Javaid February 14, 2018

Legal Updates

Sickness absence trigger points subject to duty to make reasonable adjustments

In Griffiths v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, following a 66-day absence from work, 62 of which were due to an illness arising out of Griffiths’ disability, she was given a formal written ...

Article by Viola Lloyd January 8, 2016

Legal Updates

Dismissal unfair where employer’s actions made employee's ill health worse

In McAdie v Royal Bank of Scotland, the Court of Appeal held that a dismissal will not necessarily be unfair just because the employer’s actions are the cause of an employee’s illness. The Court emphasised, however, ...

Article by Viola Lloyd October 22, 2015

Legal Updates

EAT decides that fees paid by union on appellant’s behalf can be reimbursed

Earlier this year we reported the EAT’s decision in Goldwater and ors v Sellafield Ltd on the interpretation of Rule 34A(2A) of the Employment Appeal Tribunal Rules 1993, in the context of a union paying ...

Article by Viola Lloyd January 8, 2016


New ICO detailed guidance on definition of personal data

The Information Commissioners Office has published new detailed guidance for UK organisations on the definition of personal data under the GDPR. The guidance will help organisations to understand when they are processing personal data and ...

Article by Makbool Javaid June 21, 2018


Acas issues hot weather tips for employers

Acas has published hot weather guidance to help employers manage workplace challenges and ensure their businesses remain productive during a heatwave whilst caring for staff too. The top tips cover ensuring workplace temperatures are reasonable, ...

Article by Makbool Javaid July 4, 2018