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Brett Hill

How to help look after the mental health of young people in the workplace

Each year brings in a fresh round of youthful talent to the workplace and employers need to be mindful of the world in which they’ve grown up and the pressures they’ve faced, as it can influence how they ...

Article by Brett Hill March 21, 2019

Ivan Laws

More than just a tick box exercise? - Workplace Pensions

April 2019 sees the amount of money employers and employees pay into workplace pensions rise in the latest round of auto-enrolment increases. Yet, in the rush to comply with workplace pension legislation, many employers haven’t considered the HR and ...

Article by Ivan Laws March 22, 2019


An Introduction to Self-Assessing Employee Experience

There has been an increased emphasis on Employee Experience recently as organizations try to lure desired talent into their ranks with innovative talent management strategies that ensure low attrition rates and a robust employer brand ...

Article by Murad S. Mirza January 10, 2018


The 6D Approach to Retaining Desired Talent and Avoiding Unnecessary New Hiring Costs

The 6D approach is a systematic methodology for ensuring that the existing workforce is readily able to face business challenges in an uncertain economic environment. It provides a viable option for the senior management to retain ...

Article by Murad S. Mirza July 18, 2017

Jim Lythgow

The eyes have it - clear vision on wellbeing

Eye care can have a positive impact not just on an employee’s eyesight and eye health, but can have wider benefits such as boosting morale and productivity. We recently conducted research into this area to assess the extent ...

Article by Jim Lythgow January 22, 2019

Niall Cluley

The importance of embedding values into everyday behaviour

How many of you have heard people describe their company values as merely ‘posters on a wall’? But if all you do is print them on a poster, then that’s probably all they ever will ...

Article by Niall Cluley February 7, 2018

Paul Avis

The business case for flexible working

Flexible working, though not a new concept, continues to grow in popularity. Thanks to the internet, which has allowed for remote access to emails, servers and even people via web-based conferencing, many employees now work ...

Article by Paul Avis August 23, 2018

Nick Hobden

The Government’s Good Work Plan

Move over 2019, we’re already looking at April 2020! In December 2018, the widely-anticipated Good Work Plan was published, outlining the “Government’s vision for the future of the UK labour market”. The Plan signals the Government’s intention to legislate in ...

Article by Nick Hobden February 21, 2019

Nick Hobden

Shared parental leave for the self-employed

Shared Parental Leave (SPL) was introduced to the UK in 2015 and allows mothers going on maternity leave to split up the 52 weeks of maternity leave and 39 weeks of statutory pay with their ...

Article by Nick Hobden April 11, 2018

Kenneth Freeman

Office interior design trends to look out for in 2019

Last year, Ambius research revealed that on average British workers spend more time per a day at their desk or workstation (6.8 hours) than they do in bed (6.4 hours). These figures reinforce the importance ...

Article by Kenneth Freeman February 19, 2019