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Transforming HR through strategic data

Rich Cober is MicroStrategy’s Chief Human Resources Officer. In this role, Rich leads MicroStrategy’s teams responsible for HR Business Partnership, HR Operations, Talent Acquisition, and Talent Management.  In addition to his professional experience, Rich has ...

Article by Guest June 21, 2018

Sarah Dennis

Seven benefits of using pre-travel health screening

It can be an uncomfortable and frightening experience to fall ill overseas, during an assignment or business trip, where you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable accessing local healthcare. Issues associated with healthcare may even cause an overseas ...

Article by Sarah Dennis July 17, 2018

Katharine Moxham

Health, wellbeing and beyond

The links between exercise, sleep, physical health, financial health and mental health are well known but the virtuous circle seems ever-elusive for many. Therein lies the challenge – how to inspire everyone to act, not ...

Article by Katharine Moxham March 26, 2018


The Four Key Reasons Contributing to the Increasing Complexity of Change

We are living in the new age of ‘wonder’ where astute questions put us on the path of fascinating possibilities through the allure of utopian manifestations coupled with the sinister beckoning of dystopian outcomes. This dilemma ...

Article by Murad S. Mirza January 24, 2017


Introducing The Two Key Paths To Achieving Sustainable Employee Engagement In The Digital Economy

Majority of global businesses are going through significant changes in order to stay relevant in a Digital world that thrives on disruptive innovations and is mulishly unwilling to bond with the conventional notions of management. ...

Article by Murad S. Mirza May 23, 2016

Jane Sparrow

This time it’s personal - professional growth through personal feedback

Some of the best feedback I’ve received was early in my career and although it was certainly ‘tough love’, I listened to it and it’s made me the professional I am today. That same senior ...

Article by Jane Sparrow November 15, 2016

Chris Preston

Looking To Source Informed Candidates? Handle With Care...

The explosion of the internet, the growth of social media and the associated rise of online dating has transformed the way we find love in modern Britain with dating apps, match filters and swiping left ...

Article by Chris Preston January 22, 2018

Chris Furnell

Rethinking job design in the gig era - A practitioner’s viewpoint

How do you create the perfect job? Well, you don’t... let them. That’s the appeal in the interim contract world, right? You’re selected because you already have the skills to make a difference. Short to mid-term ...

Article by Chris Furnell July 9, 2018

Tom Haak

My personal engagement checklist

In most organizations I have worked in engagement (or job satisfaction as it was formerly called) was measured annually or bi-annually. Generally you got a long list of questions to complete online. About 4-6 month ...

Article by Tom Haak January 12, 2015



Michael Haddon is founder & CEO of business management software provider Kradle.  Mike is passionate about revolutionising business process (BPM) and data management, set to help UK businesses address challenges relating to accountability, consistency and productivity.  He ...

Article by Guest June 14, 2018