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Seb O'Connell

Talent Pipeline: Sourcing & Strategic Workforce Planning

Working in HR and recruitment, wouldn’t it be great to have a crystal ball? We could use it to predict the jobs our firms will need to fill in two years’ time and therefore start ...

Article by Seb O'Connell September 19, 2019

Kenneth Freeman

Ensuring your employees are as inspired as your customers

If you work in an office, you’ll inevitably know how important the ‘front of house’ area is. Your reception is where customers, clients and visitors will typically be welcomed into the building, and your meeting rooms will potentially ...

Article by Kenneth Freeman September 17, 2019

Sarah Gornall

One Size Fits All? - Learning and Development

How many companies today insist that all managers or leaders at a certain level attend an approved training course to acquire the skills they need for the job? Then everyone ticks the box and hopes that the inoculation ...

Article by Sarah Gornall August 1, 2019

Niall Cluley

The importance of embedding values into everyday behaviour

How many of you have heard people describe their company values as merely ‘posters on a wall’? But if all you do is print them on a poster, then that’s probably all they ever will ...

Article by Niall Cluley February 7, 2018

Nick Hobden

‘The silent epidemic’ - Mental health in construction

The construction industry is an almost perfect example of the difference by which society, as a whole, perceives and treats physical and mental health.  Physical health is of upmost importance, signs everywhere reminding people to wear the appropriate ...

Article by Nick Hobden May 14, 2019

Miti Ampoma

The truth behind the drain in your talent pipeline

Let me tell you a story of two talented and ambitious young men, both dreaming of a high-flying career – Amaan in the City, Ben in the media. I learned about them watching BBC Media Editor Amol ...

Article by Miti Ampoma September 18, 2019


The ‘BAFTH’ Framework for Aligning an Organisation’s Strategic Focus with the Demands of the Digital Age?

The word ‘Disruptive’ has come to signify the kind of transformative change that uproots existing norms of competitive economies and forges a path of its own by rewriting the ‘rule book’ while relegating complacent titans ...

Article by Murad S. Mirza June 6, 2019


The Future of Diversity & Inclusion in a World Dominated by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Progressive organizations have been grappling with the notion of effectively leveraging Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) initiatives within their workforces to gain a competitive edge in increasingly sensitized markets for quite a while. However, such measures often ...

Article by Murad S. Mirza March 16, 2017

Sarah Gornall

Change – the Constant

One thing is sure between birth and death – and that is change. True on the organisational level, as well as the individual one. Every organisation, every business, goes through transformation as it grows, with evolving structure, leadership, ...

Article by Sarah Gornall July 16, 2019

Iejaz Uddin

How to build a good reputation - Employer Branding

Every company has an employer’s brand, whether they like it or not. The $64,000 question is do they know how to use it. In a world where competition for the best talent is at an all-time high, ...

Article by Iejaz Uddin September 12, 2019