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The Devilish Side of Effective Management Practices
(Leveraging Organizational Politics for Career Success, Progression and Longevity)

Organisational politics (OP) has long been one of the key movers of behavioral dynamics within organizations.  At one stage or another, majority of the professionals have to come to terms with the dilemma of leveraging organizational politics in order ...

Article by Murad S. Mirza April 2, 2020

Matthew Jackson

Why HR digitisation should be a business priority

Digitisation is affecting business functions across the board, from finance to sales and marketing – and increasingly HR, which has a lot to gain from taking greater advantage of data and analytics. While in the global media we ...

Article by Matthew Jackson March 31, 2020

Jenny Merry

Why having an agile business culture is vital when it comes to crisis management

As coronavirus strengthens its grip on business and societies around the world, it is worth considering how crucial agile working is when it comes to effective-crisis management. Just a few months ago, hardly anybody outside the scientific community ...

Article by Jenny Merry March 4, 2020

Nick Hobden

‘The silent epidemic’ - Mental health in construction

The construction industry is an almost perfect example of the difference by which society, as a whole, perceives and treats physical and mental health.  Physical health is of upmost importance, signs everywhere reminding people to wear the appropriate ...

Article by Nick Hobden May 14, 2019

Andy Romero-Birkbeck

Wellbeing & Performance - 5 tips to help your people thrive.

As more and more organisations are realising the long term benefits of wellbeing investment there’s still many businesses out there lagging behind.  We’re often challenged by old school mentalities that either don’t get it or they are just ...

Article by Andy Romero-Birkbeck March 12, 2020

Niall Cluley

The importance of embedding values into everyday behaviour

How many of you have heard people describe their company values as merely ‘posters on a wall’? But if all you do is print them on a poster, then that’s probably all they ever will ...

Article by Niall Cluley February 7, 2018


Leveraging the Broader Spectrum of Employee Engagement for Maximizing Organizational Performance

Progressive organizations are increasingly focusing on refining their talent management strategies to effectively manage a multigenerational workforce for staying relevant and competitive in the Digital Age.  An important aspect of such initiatives is to have a higher number of engaged ...

Article by Murad S. Mirza March 5, 2020

Sarah Dennis

How to prepare staff for international assignments

As a business expands into new territories, for the assignment to be a success it’s important that employees relocating are supported and well looked after, not only during their secondment abroad but before they travel. It’s not just ...

Article by Sarah Dennis January 7, 2020

Perry Timms

Organisational Development in Strategic HR - is now the time we ALL became OD Practitioners?

Before I even knew what OD - Organisation Development (or Organisational Development) - was, I was doing "it". I suspect this is the case with many people involved in HR where change happens. Or where something other ...

Article by Perry Timms June 10, 2014

Graham White

Are you a follower or a Supporter?

I remain forever inspired by the words of John F Kennedy as part of his inauguration as the 35th President of the United States held in Washington on Friday, January 20, 1961. “And so, my fellow ...

Article by Graham White March 14, 2016