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Matt Weston

How COVID-19 has impacted organisational culture

Organisational culture is an important part of why employees choose to work for a company – and what keeps them there for the long-term too. More specifically, the culture of an organisation is exactly what ...

Article by Matt Weston June 26, 2020


Are Trade Unions Still Relevant in the Digital Age?

Trade unions have largely been portrayed as a negative influence in the Digital Age, especially, with the encroachment of AI-driven entities in the workplace that is leading to diminishing need for conventional job performers.  This ...

Article by Murad S. Mirza July 2, 2020

Farzana Kazemi

The Impact of COVID-19 on doing business in the UAE

Organisations and employees across the world are bracing themselves during these unprecedented times. Many governments including the UAE understood the severity of the situation very early on and responded proactively, were highly organized, strategic, and technologically ...

Article by Farzana Kazemi April 15, 2020


What is Your Approach to Successful Talent Management in the Digital Age?
(Discovering the Recipe to Attain/Maintain the ‘Employer of Choice’ Status)

There is no greater debt on an organization’s conscience than underutilized talent, therefore, the best way for assuring/ensuring success in the ‘war for talent’ is by taking efficient and effective measures during the ‘peace in ...

Article by Murad S. Mirza November 3, 2020

Julia Smith

Building Performance and Capability

This is the second in a series of blogs by Rob Baker and Julia Smith themed around the need to bring a personal touch to our work to lift wellbeing, performance and engagement. Performance management should ...

Article by Julia Smith January 19, 2021


The 15 Keys to Successful Organizational Development (A Humanistic Perspective)

Organizational Development has come a long way from languishing in the shadows of HR to being widely recognized as the primary driver of core organizational competencies through targeted interventions. It traverses the delicate path of ...

Article by Murad S. Mirza April 27, 2017

Oliver Mundy

What does the WFH revolution mean for workplace conflict?

A BBC study found that 50 of the UK’s biggest employers had no plans to return all staff back to offices; another survey of SMEs by the Institute of Directors has suggested 74% want to ...

Article by Oliver Mundy January 21, 2021

Anastasiia Osypova

How to Measure Key Metrics of Total Rewards

Total Rewards is an effective and competitive program that assists companies to attract, retain, and keep the best talents motivated. The program’s strategy should fit into the company's environment and match its objectives. The metrics used ...

Article by Anastasiia Osypova August 20, 2020

Jude Jennison

8 leadership skills to lead through uncertainty

Disruptive change creates uncertainty and we resist it because it is uncomfortable. Uncertainty generates a range of emotions, polarises opinions and can lead to relationships breaking down. It requires great skill and flexibility to lead ...

Article by Jude Jennison April 28, 2020

Graham White

My Five Predictions for Work in 2021

No one will be surprised to hear me say with confidence that 2020 will be the year that most organisations will happily put behind them. It would have taken a brave person to predict in ...

Article by Graham White January 20, 2021