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How to achieve extraordinary results with ordinary people

Maryna Stiahailo - Akkerman Solutions Ukraine

Nowadays when the world is changing so fast business needs to be sure that it is on the right track. Each company is facing the question: How to achieve extraordinary results with ordinary people? As HR Professionals we are responsible for the success of our companies.

We must always keep in mind that our people are the most valuable resources.
There are no ordinary people at our companies, each of them are unique, given the right circumstances and challenges, and have the potential to produce extraordinary results. How to express and make our employees believe in themselves and in the company?
Give lots and lots of recognition. It is crucial to make sure that everyone feels needed, and knows that he or she is a part of the company’s success. Make the vision, mission and values of the company clear, transparent and understandable for all employees.  Create a career map for each employee. Arrange face to face meetings on a regular basis during which you will discuss what was achieved according to the points in the career map, identify employee’s wishes in career, and the direction in which they want to grow. Do your best to help employees grow inside the company. Good ways of “growing talents” at your company are: internal courses, sharing knowledge between colleagues, learning HUB.
Make sure that your employees are proud of the place where they work. Tell your people what you are trying to achieve, explain the importance of their contributions to these goals, train and skill them to be effective.  People will go to the ends of the earth to preserve a good reputation, so give them one! Your employees are your gold, treasure them like gold.
Identify your high-potentials (HiPos): HiPo employees are proven high performers with three distinguishing attributes that allow them to grow and succeed inside the company:  Aspiration, Ability, Engagement. HR needs to be an equal business partner in the day-to-day management of HiPo programs. Create, build and implement a unique HR HiPo program in your company.
Tips how to build successful HR HiPo program:
1. The HiPo program should be linked to business strategy. It will help the HiPo program to  succeed in the long term.
2. Get clear on the purpose of the HiPO program. You should be clear about what works and what doesn’t.
3. Understand the Needs of HiPos: company’s way of growing should match with employee’s view to career development.  Career map is a useful tool for this.
4. Measuring metrics must be in place to evaluate the progress of the individual. All metrics should be clear for employees.
5. HiPos are the future of the company: identify them and create a program that ensures their highest level of engagement and development. As HR Professional one of our responsibilities is to create and run Learning and Development direction in our company. How to do this?
A Company’s success depends on the engagement, success and management of people’s growth. If employees leave because they feel they are not growing in their roles, it will reflect poorly on the Learning and Development process. Make your learning and development strategy an organizational priority.
Consider ways to better gain value:  from in-house training courses and workshops or if you can make better strategic use of resources by accessing business classes at business schools.
Consider the best corporate learning tools and techniques within learning and development strategy.
Consider the future needs of your organization, conduct market reach: what is the future of the market and how your company can be ahead of competitors: build your own development objectives and enhancement goals into learning and development strategy.
Highly engaged employees are more productive, and having them in the company means to have profitable, healthy and efficient bossiness.
When employees care about the work they do, they’re more invested in their roles and it is leading to significant productivity.
Keep in mind that the engagement process starts from the first interview till the exit interview.
Good practice is to measure employee engagement on a regular basis, it’s helpful to get suggestions from employees about ways of improving processes at the company.
Build Employer branding strategy: with the increase of the war for talent, it is required to invest a huge amount of effort in employer branding strategies more than ever before.
As people are the most important component of success, it is obvious that employers are doing everything in their power to attract talent.
The most effective employer branding initiatives are the ones that showcase your existing employees.
Good practices to engage your employees to take a part at the process of Company’s Branding:
 1) My working day:  share in social media stories around employees’ nature of work and work environment
2) Why I decided to apply and why I am still here:  share in social media stories  why employees decided to apply to organization and why they enjoy working in the company
Create an Employer Value Proposition: what you offer that will make employees passionate about being part of your team. Think how to sell the company to talent.
Be real: tell the truth about the company: what are your strengths, your vision for future development.
Make sure your talent understands the organization’s history, consumer brand and social media campaigns. Develop a realistic and phased roadmap for accomplishing objectives, clearly delineating milestones and steps toward achieving them.
Ensure that the people and management practices support the organization’s employer brand. Training, coaching, compensation and other HR-related practices can be used to support the brand.
Remember: They are the heart and soul of your business. Your staff represents you. Without the right employees in place, customers won’t return and then, where will your business be? Create an invested, passionate, and valued staff and you’ll be amazed at the spike in productivity, customer service, and loyalty you see. There are no ordinary people at our companies, each of them is our gold!

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