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The premise is as obvious as it is compelling; take the “addictive” elements of video gaming - point scoring, competition against others and rules of play, and blend it into workplace L&D.

Aimed at generations that are hard-wired to video gaming, gamification utilises techniques that leverage the natural desires to; socialise, learn, master and complete, whilst encouraging self- expression, altruism and team play. Surely this is not just L&D, it’s Eldorado? Where gamification has failed, it has led to a lack of strategic connection, which can often take a long time to uncover and redress. Equally, if gamified L&D is approached too generically, users soon switch off, usually because what is presented to them lacks integrity and gravitas - let’s face it, a game about Health & Safety procedure is never going to match Fortnight.

Arguably, the key differentiator between the backward and retrospective and forward-thinking businesses is the capacity for collaboration and knowledge sharing in a flatter workforce structure. It is an imperative for which all organisations should aspire, but many merely pay lip service to. That a variety of people from a mixed demographic of backgrounds, ages, experiences and disciplines can be thrown together to make a motivated, mobilised and sustainable team is pushing probability and chance to the absolute extreme. The new reality is, younger cohorts with limited attention spans and short tenure mentalities - along with an increasing reliance of outsourced, gig workers - is causing a potentially volatile and disruptive mix, and any ambition for dynamism and disruption can quickly turn to chaos.

In days of yore, shining a light on a steady, predictable path for earmarked talent en-route to the upper echelons of

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the business - was a sure-fire way to keep eyes focused on the distant, future prize. You simply would not ask a new recruit where they see themselves in three years’ time, let alone suggest that a seat at the top table could be achievable in ten. Consequently, succession planning has to be recalibrated to, not only meet the ever-changing business operation needs, but the challenges of disruption, and finding rhythm with a chaotic and dynamic, multifaceted human resource that demands agility.

A superfluidity of data is taken as read, but what is less certain is how much of it is any use in the formulation of business planning and forward strategy. Critically, much of which is harvested is retrospective information when, what is so patently required - in an ever-changing and unpredictable future - is the capacity for accurate prediction.

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