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You’re setting up an online dating business. You want to position yourselves above the rest which means you need to plan this well.

You’ll need a site that’s user-friendly – simple to use, fast-loading pages, no repetition of information entry by the customer, easy for customers to upload images or info, responsive for use on mobile devices. It would also explain how the system helps match people to prospective dates.

You spend time with marketing people to get clear on the brand image you want to create, and the look and feel of the site that will support this. You know that you have to follow through on your brand promises or customers will leave you, dissatisfied with what they actually experience.

You get really clear on your target consumer – what’s in it for them? Why would they use us? Where do they spend their time – in real life and online? What are they interested in? How do we talk to them to share what we care about so they get it too?

And you’ll want to make sure customers can get some insight into the kind of people they could connect with once they’ve signed up. Some images and information about other members, maybe some success stories of people who’ve gone on to have long-term relationships – even marriage!

So, how’s your online recruitment looking right now?

Branson employees quote

If you believe that looking after your employees will mean that they look after your customers, how much time and attention are you giving to the people you want to hire? And what about the ones you already have who you want to keep? How are you showing that you want to keep them?

What might be possible if you planned all your people activity from the perspective of “employees as customers”?

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