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How employee social media can put your company at risk

Whether accidental or intentional, employees’ online presence can affect the companies they work for. Businesses should understand social media security threats and how they can affect their brand image and reputation.

Article by 13 September 2023


A Thorough Manual: What Does it Cost to Develop an App in 2023?

What is the price of creating an app? When beginning an app development project, this is probably one of the first things app brands and developers need to have the answers to. The most fundamental and yet important part of every mobile app development project's budget is an app development cost estimate.

Article by 21 August 2023


How to drive business growth in a new technology landscape

There’s an opportunity for HR leaders to claim their place and help drive business growth. In this article we’ll be exploring five areas where HR leaders are already leading their organisations, and where their journey could go from here.

Article by 28 July 2023


The Benefits of Outsourcing Node.js Development

One of the most widely used languages in the world is JavaScript. It has earned a reputation for offering the greatest client-side programming solutions, and front-end frameworks like Angular or React employ JavaScript to make it simple for developers to create sophisticated, highly responsive web apps and other products. Even though there are many different technological options accessible today, Node.JS stands out. It is a server-side development framework for JavaScript. All front-end frameworks, including Angular, React, and others, are ideal for hassle-free front-end development, but none of them supports JavaScript for backend solutions.

Article by 18 July 2023


How to defend HR against social engineering attacks

Unlike attacks that rely on malignant hardware or software, social engineering focuses on tricking employees into revealing or handing over private information. Given the wealth of personal information that HR personnel can access, that makes them a prime target for social engineering schemes.

Article by 21 May 2023


How to implement recruiting automation

Humans will always be a part of human resources, but automation and artificial intelligence (AI) can help employees reach their goals more effectively. The benefits are impressive, but achieving them hinges on an optimal automation strategy. HR teams can implement this technology effectively by following these five steps.

Article by 3 May 2023


Why healthcare is a current target for cybersecurity attacks

Recognising the importance of cyber security within your business has been well documented in recent years, but why is the healthcare sector, focused on our care and protection, offering opportunities for cyber crime?

Article by 21 November 2022


Guide to optimising DAP software technology

With a boom in hybrid working and the revolution of remote work, HR departments around the world are finding new hurdles to overcome in their approach to employee onboarding. In this article we look at how eLearning SaaS technology is helping to solve these new challenges.

Article by 1 November 2022


A focus on sustainability in packaging

Whether they are retailers, manufacturers or service providers, businesses are now expected to demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship across all aspects of their operations.

Article by 18 September 2022