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How to create a culture of continuous learning

Moving forward, the hybrid workspace is going to see an increased demand for new skills. As Microsoft details in its e-Book, ‘Embracing the New World of Work’, over the next five years it’s estimated there will be approximately 149 million new tech jobs. So, it’s crucial that businesses start thinking today about the skills they might need tomorrow.

Article by 15 April 2021


How to embed digital skills in your organisation

There has been a digital skills gap in the UK, and much wider afield, for a number of years. What we mean by that is that there are more skilled tech jobs on offer than people to fill them - the demand for top talent exceeds supply.

Article by 12 April 2021


How Coronavirus has impacted the most in-demand skills

The term “unprecedented times” has been used a lot over the last few months to describe the current pandemic. But many businesses are starting to think about the implications of these “unprecedented times” from another, more forward-looking angle.

Article by 19 June 2020


Skills Gap, the Greatest Recruitment Challenge

Cielo’s recent research found that nearly 50%[1] of Talent Acquisition leaders state that addressing the skills gap is their greatest challenge. There are many reasons why a skills gap can exist, with the most prevalent being diminishing availability of qualified skills.

Article by 4 July 2019


Tackling the skills shortage through employee diversity

It is universally acknowledged that the UK is facing a chronic skills gap. According the Government’s recent Employer Skills Survey, almost a quarter of all UK vacancies are considered skills-shortage vacancies, meaning they are proving difficult to fill because the organisation cannot find applicants with the appropriate skills, qualifications or experience.

Article by 22 March 2017