How to re-engage and retain “deskless” workers – WEBINAR

06 September 2022     Virtual - BST
GotoWebinar Virtual Platform

2pm-3pm (UK time)

In a tight, candidate-driven labour market, employee attraction and retention has never been more critical. However, after more than two years of constant change, many workers feel burnt out, underappreciated and undervalued. This is especially apparent in sectors that rely on shift-driven, roster-based (or “deskless”) workers – many of whom were in the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s timely to ask: How much is employee disengagement costing your business?

The answer will depend on how you assess the impact of disengagement. Is it through lost productivity? Perhaps it’s through absenteeism or tardiness? Perhaps there are more serious measures such as workplace safety or customer service feedback? Whichever way it’s assessed, it is possible to turn the situation around.

In this webinar, learn about:

  • The current context: how widespread is the disengagement problem?
  • How to assess the impact of disengaged employees on your business, including the loss of good employees and other key metrics to track
  • How to turn the situation around – and how to position your organisation as an employer of choice
  • The role of technology in building connections, taking the pulse of employees, enhancing the employee experience, and bolstering communication and collaboration

Our panel includes:

  • Nathan Miller, Managing Director, UK & Europe, Humanforce
  • Another tbc

The webinar will be chaired by Peter Banks, Founder & MD of theHRDIRECTOR

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