In Person Debate
Promoting Health and Wellbeing as part of your employee value proposition

20 April 2023     London
Venue *TBC*

12pm to 4.30pm (post drinks to follow until 5.30pm)



Health and wellbeing in the workplace has changed dramatically. Employers now have a much more active role in the health and wellbeing of their employees. The pandemic has accelerated this shift, but many of the underlying trends have been build for some time. This includes an increased focus and awareness of mental health being as important as physical health, the need to address health inequalities, with a particular focus on women’s health and the talent challenge meaning employers need to work harder to attract and retain talent.

Over the next few years, there are likely to be increased challenges. From helping employees adapt to the cost-of-living crisis, adapting to climate change and an increased focus on ESG and create fairer and more inclusive workplaces. All-in-all, we are faced with a perfect storm, which could lead to a huge spike in unwellness across the workforce. Despite challenging times ahead, employers cannot afford to reduce their commitment to health and wellbeing. Indeed, with attrition at an all-time high and talent and skills in short supply, health and wellbeing is an essential component of the employee value proposition.

Join theHRDIRECTOR roundtable, partnered with BUPA for a discussion dedicated to the future of health & wellbeing in this much changed working era and in challenging times. Now more than ever H&W must combine to form an integral part of the employee experience, company culture and be central to both the people and business agenda, as a ‘tri-partite’ balance between employees, managers, and the organisation as a whole. Each stakeholder has a different role and responsibility in creating a culture of wellbeing and each is dependent on the other. We will discuss how Health & Wellbeing doesn’t need to be complex and difficult to integrate, providing it is centered around communication and has the buy in, confidence and constant involvement by all. Not just existing employees, but potential candidates and new joiners will expect wellbeing policies and initiatives in place to provide them with a healthy working environment, flexibility, and work-life balance.


(Complimentary refreshments on arrival and throughout, hot buffet ‘sit-down’ lunch and post drinks)


**For this debate, we only have 15 places available and we invite registrations from HR & People Leaders**