Meaningful data to shape diversity, equity and inclusion – HRDebate

19 May 2022     London
Strathmore Hotel, 41 Queens Gate Gardens, London, SW7 5NB

12pm to 4.30pm BST (post drinks to follow until 5.30pm)

Complimentary refreshments on arrival and throughout, hot buffet ‘sit-down’ lunch and post drinks

Diversity and inclusion has become a top priority for organisations. Those that have a strong program of D&I are able to recruit and keep the talent they need to be leaders in their industries. Organisations that struggle with D&I will struggle with business.

Data is central to DEI efforts, yet it is notoriously difficult to collect. The reasons behind employee hesitancy to disclose personal information and experiences with employers include lack of clarity around how the data will be used; confusion over why the data is necessary; concerns regarding anonymity, data storage and protection; and fears of negative consequences of disclosure on job safety and career advancement. Ultimately, it is lack of trust in an employer that discourages disclosure – so how do we change that in order to progress and act on what we already know to be a strong people strategy.

So come and join theHRDIRECTOR for a roundtable partnered with Zellis for an insightful debate where we will be exploring the key principles for collecting effective diversity, equity and inclusion data and offer up some guidance and strategies to ensure your organisation is able to truly explore the power of data for further advancement.

We have only 15 places available and we are inviting registrations from Senior HR & People Leaders in organisations of 1,000+ employees.

To register your interest in taking part, please click here