The digital dilemma of candidate and employee screening – HRDebate

30 June 2022     London
Strathmore Hotel, 41 Queens Gate Gardens, London SW7 5NB

12pm to 4.30pm (drinks to follow until 5.30pm) (BST)

Complimentary refreshments throughout, hot buffet lunch and post-event drinks.

The use of social media screening to inform recruitment and employment decisions has increasingly become part and parcel of modern employment. But screening has become a divisive issue and legislation, policies, and procedures are not always up to speed with the fast direction of travel. One main concern is that people have long had the mindset that social media networks are meant to be places to connect with family and friends, not to build your career, so the idea that a potential employer could be rooting around in your Facebook posts from a stag or hen do in 2018 fills many with dread.

Invasion of privacy is a major concern for many, and the conundrum is that while every employee has the right to privacy, every employer has the right and duty of care to respond to legitimate red flags, if and when they arise. But if the raison d’être is to scrutinise each skeleton in the digital closet, the result could be counterproductive and damaging for all parties. There are bound to be crossroads where public and private issues clash and the result is a veritable minefield for both employers, employees, and potential candidates.

Join theHRDIRECTOR for a roundtable that focuses on finding answers to The digital dilemma of candidate and employee screening. Partnered with HireRight, we will walk through the different types of screening options that are available, discuss the ethics, pros and cons, and where the balances are in this burgeoning area of recruitment and employment. We will look at the changing face of social media screening, and we will look to gain a greater understanding of the parameters and potential pitfalls surrounding this fast-moving agenda.

For this debate, we only have only 15 places available, and we are inviting registrations from Senior HR & People Leaders.

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