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Brit ambition burns despite protracted tough times and uncertainty

Most people say they will actively pursue their dreams in 2018; Half of Brits admit they have failed to make their dreams a reality previously; Exeter is the most ambitious city in the UK; top ambition for Britain is starting a business; Britons cite money, access to tech and confidence as their biggest barriers. Contributor Steven Bartlett, CEO and founder of Social Chain.

Contributor: Steven Bartlett, CEO and founder of Social Chain | Published: 5 December 2017

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Meaningful work is key driver of positive employee experience

The final driver of a more human workplace is work-life balance and opportunities to recharge and disconnect, which contributes 9 percent to employee experience. The survey also notes a shift away from employee engagement, which only captures a small portion what ‘work’ means, towards employee experience.

Contributor: Derek Irvine | Published: 30 October 2017

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Tyrants in Office: The Real Cost of Workplace Bullying

In monetary terms, workplace bullying results in over $16million in turnover and $8million in lost productivity per year. While this is evidently creating a dent in the financial turnover of companies, the real damage is much more serious, with employees facing ongoing trauma, emotional symptoms and medical conditions.

Contributor: Bonnie Low Kramen | Published: 22 October 2017