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Why are new recruits increasingly thinking of quitting?

Research from Thomas International reveals that nearly two-thirds (60%) of UK workers would leave their current employer within six months if they were unhappy in their role.

Contributor: Sabby Gill, CEO - Thomas International | Published: 24 November 2021

Workers prepared to leave jobs to access hybrid working

Recent research from the UK’s largest family run recruiter has revealed how businesses are currently navigating the new working ‘normal' and the rise of hybrid working.  

Contributor: Ian Nicholas, Global Managing Director - Reed | Published: 16 November 2021

Hygiene fears in workplace return creating a stress ‘timebomb’

Monday 25 October 2021, London: In the dark and scared of returning to the office? You’re not alone as one in four UK employees (25 percent) are still fully remote with no known plans communicated about a return to the workplace, creating widespread confusion among workers.

Contributor: Kastus | Published: 31 October 2021

 Office still valued by UK employees

New research from Nespresso Professional has revealed that the office space is still highly valued by employees, with office workers naming seeing their colleagues (39 per cent) as the thing they like most about being in the office. The research, which polled 1,750 office workers from across the UK, delves into the way employees have felt about the office space and returning to the office since the pandemic, when they felt safe to do so, as well as exploring what they feel is most important about the office space.

Contributor: Beth Langley, OOH Director - Nespresso Professional | Published: 29 October 2021

What are the emerging threats to productivity in the new normal?

Despite their best efforts in facilitating remote work, many businesses and their employees have struggled when it comes to productivity; not because of laziness or geography, but due to something that could easily be referred to as a ‘notification overload’

Contributor: Alex Arundale, Chief People Officer - Advanced | Published: 15 September 2021

Do we really understand the reality of hybrid working?

As the UK government has withdrawn its advice for employees to work from home, more organisations than ever will be instituting hybrid working models: 68% globally, according to research*. Definitions of “hybrid work”, however, are often contradicting and unclear – leaving business leaders without definitive guidance. To provide businesses with a more concrete view of what hybrid working looks like in reality, and provide tangible actions to help streamline productivity and collaboration, Steelcase have researched the experiences and needs of workers worldwide in their report: Changing Expectations and the Future of Work.

Contributor: Hania Arafat - Steelcase | Published: 8 September 2021

Employers must act now to make a success of hybrid working

New research from the Work Foundation and Newcastle University Business School finds over a quarter of workers across the North of England were still working remotely in 2021, and that hybrid working is set to become a feature of northern workplaces in the future. They identify challenges this brings for employers, workers and places across the North – with risks around workplace culture, health and wellbeing.

Contributor: Rebecca Florisson - Work Foundation | Published: 3 August 2021

Hybrid working features heavily in new business models

According to a new survey from XpertHR, 69.9% of organisations are still actively planning or considering permanent changes to where employees carry out their work as lockdown restrictions are lifted. Fewer than one in 20 (3.8%) are not contemplating any changes.

Contributor: Noelle Murphy - XpertHR | Published: 28 July 2021