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Biggest work wind ups revealed, and some are gross

Are these the things that wind you up the most at work? Messy toilets are Brits’ biggest workplace annoyance, Ebuyer has discovered in a poll of 2,000 office workers. The tech retailer found that, as well as questionable toilet hygiene, sinks left piled high with dirty crockery take second place, whilst people who leave printers jammed are a close third.

Contributor: Beth Wadlow | Published: 21 July 2018

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Cool workplaces really do attract talent

The survey of 1,200 workers found that the younger generation were the most likely to look for work in companies with ‘funky’ workplaces, with 81.2 percent of millennials and generation Z workers agreeing to this. The study explored how UK professionals felt about working in a cool environment and the effect it has on their outputs at work.

Contributor: Lee Biggins | Published: 28 June 2018

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UK employees pressured to work overtime by fear of being judged

Workers in Birmingham are the most likely to stay at work after hours to keep up appearances, with 44 percent of the city’s workforce impacted by a growing trend known as presenteeism. Employees throughout the country feel pressured to work overtime because they fear their colleagues and bosses will think they don’t work hard enough if they leave on time.

Contributor: Grace Marshall | Published: 26 April 2018

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Starbucks closes 8000 US branches for racial bias training

Business in the Community’s Race at Work report found that less than half of UK employers conduct equality, diversity and inclusion training. Our recent ‘Is Britain Biased?’ research, found that 18-24 year olds have the highest racial bias in the UK compared to other age groups.

Contributor: Sandra Kerr | Published: 19 April 2018

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Brit ambition burns despite protracted tough times and uncertainty

Most people say they will actively pursue their dreams in 2018; Half of Brits admit they have failed to make their dreams a reality previously; Exeter is the most ambitious city in the UK; top ambition for Britain is starting a business; Britons cite money, access to tech and confidence as their biggest barriers. Contributor Steven Bartlett, CEO and founder of Social Chain.

Contributor: Steven Bartlett, CEO and founder of Social Chain | Published: 5 December 2017

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Meaningful work is key driver of positive employee experience

The final driver of a more human workplace is work-life balance and opportunities to recharge and disconnect, which contributes 9 percent to employee experience. The survey also notes a shift away from employee engagement, which only captures a small portion what ‘work’ means, towards employee experience.

Contributor: Derek Irvine | Published: 30 October 2017


Tyrants in Office: The Real Cost of Workplace Bullying

In monetary terms, workplace bullying results in over $16million in turnover and $8million in lost productivity per year. While this is evidently creating a dent in the financial turnover of companies, the real damage is much more serious, with employees facing ongoing trauma, emotional symptoms and medical conditions.

Contributor: Bonnie Low Kramen | Published: 22 October 2017