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Election result – hung parliament chaos – comments from business

The 2017 UK General Election has resulted in a hung Parliament with no single party holding a majority. This means that the passing of laws will have to be achieved through the brokering of deals or the formation of a coalition - much like the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition of 2010-2015.

Contributor: Enrique Garcia | Published: 9 June 2017

The Future of Britain in 2022 – Electoral Priorities

Campaigning for the UK election is in full swing, Brexit appears to be the dominant issue for the parties and the media, but what longer term issues do citizens want politicians to be debating as we contemplate the next five years in a rapidly changing world? From Futurists Rohit Talwar and Steve Wells from Fast Future.

Contributor: Rohit Talwar & Steve Wells | Published: 7 June 2017

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How each political parties would affect your working life if in power

With a snap general election around the corner, the parties have once again trained their eyes on employment matters as fertile ground for winning votes. With the overload of information, what may happen to the way you work can be lost in a whirlwind of spin and soundbites. Paman Singh, a Legal Adviser at employment law specialists, Law At Work, has elected to pick apart the various pledges and promises.

Contributor: Paman Singh | Published: 6 June 2017

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Good-looking political candidates win more votes

A timely new IZA World of Labor report shows that good-looking candidates have an electoral advantage around the world. Furthermore, politicians on the right are found to be more attractive. Therefore, the importance of beauty in politics favors conservative parties.

Contributor: Panu Poutvaara | Published: 6 June 2017

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Manifesto pledges in a topsy-turvy political world

Pensioner incomes have been largely protected from the impact of the 2008 banking crisis and subsequent recession. Over the past ten years, the state pension has been restored from around 16 percent of average full-time earnings to somewhere near its historical peak of 25 percent, last seen in the late 1970s.” From Tom McPhail, Head of Policy - Hargreaves Lansdown.

Contributor: Tom McPhail | Published: 29 May 2017

CPS responds to Labour’s manifesto “economic illiteracy”

Daniel Mahoney and Tim Knox of the Centre for Policy Studies have published a briefing note in response to Labour’s three centre-piece revenue raisers; increasing income taxes on those earning more than £80,000, hiking corporation tax to 26% and introducing a financial transactions tax.

Contributor: Daniel Mahoney and Tim Knox | Published: 16 May 2017

What Mayor Burnham must do for Manchester

The results are in and Andy Burnham is the newly elected mayor for Greater Manchester, or the ‘metro mayor’. This result was predicted by the polls, but it was hardly certain, given the shock results of other elections held during the past 12 months. By Jo Sellick, managing director, Sellick Partnership.

Contributor: Jo Sellick | Published: 9 May 2017

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Government must focus on local services

Local government leaders are calling on all political parties to commit to a 10-point plan to boost vital local services, build homes, create school places, close skills gaps and drive economic growth.

Contributor: Lord Porter | Published: 4 May 2017

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Ten critical pre-election questions

A pensions revolution has been happening over the past five years with the unveiling of auto-enrolment, George Osborne’s pensions freedoms and major changes to the state pension. From Technical Director David Brooks - Broadstone.

Contributor: David Brooks | Published: 28 April 2017

Labour market the big issue in 2017 French presidential election

High unemployment in France is one of the main issues of the presidential election of May 2017. Today, the unemployment rate is 10 percent; and it has averaged 9.5 percent over the last 30 years. Article from by Pierre Cahuc.

Contributor: Pierre Cahuc | Published: 25 April 2017