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Bereavement concerns as death rate rises

Covid has brought bereavement and grief to the fore. While everyone deals with grief differently there are resources that can be of help across many different circumstances. For employers, it is not only about helping the individual directly affected, but also building skills among their colleagues so that they too can cope and offer support

Contributor: Debra Clark, Head of Specialist Consulting - Towergate Health & Protection | Published: 29 November 2021

Menopausal workers are quitting as it remains an unspoken taboo

An in-depth overview of issues surrounding menopause in the workplace. Kat Derbyshire, a HR Director from Barnsley explores current policies, and explains how businesses can better support staff going through menopause.

Contributor: Kat Derbyshire, Director - Black Kat HR Ltd | Published: 26 November 2021

People who most need mental health support struggle to get it

There are a lot of support services that offer mental health support, however many do not cater for more complex and enduring mental health issues, such as severe depression, trauma and psychiatric disorders. Many support services are only limited to mild to moderate mental health issues, such as low mood and anxiety.

Contributor: Christine Husbands, MD - RedArc | Published: 21 October 2021

Bosses reporting more staff disclosing mental health issues and loneliness

Businesses across all sectors are having to re-think their employee experience and wellbeing strategies to provide support to staff in the wake of the pandemic.   According to new research from Benefex, the company behind OneHub, the leading employee experience platform, employees have become far more open about their own wellbeing during the pandemic. 87% of HR leaders have experienced increased numbers of employees disclosing issues around mental health, and 82% have seen greater numbers of staff reporting feelings of loneliness.

Contributor: Benefex | Published: 20 October 2021

Stress and anxiety worst for Gen Y employees

Employers may typically think that it’s the older generation, Gen X, that has more responsibility and more worry, but our research shows otherwise. Younger age groups can have less stability in their lives and feel the burden of responsibility heavily.

Contributor: Katharine Moxham, spokesperson - GRiD | Published: 19 October 2021

Mental health fuelling a mass exodus

UK businesses could be facing a £48.2bn1 recruitment bill to replace 16 million2 workers who are looking to move jobs, according to the latest research from Westfield Health. This is a huge increase on the 3.3 million that moved job in 20181 costing businesses an estimated £9.9bn.

Contributor: Westfield Health | Published: 7 October 2021

Why resilience will be future critical

Resilience is not a personality trait, it is something all employees can improve upon, says Towergate Health & Protection, and this opens up potential for everyone – particularly crucial as we need to adapt to living with Covid-19.

Contributor: Debra Clark, head of specialist consulting, Towergate Health & Protection | Published: 20 September 2021

Employers urged to clearly signpost EAPs to support returners

All good journeys have a starting point. The journey to improving workforce wellbeing is no different. But it’s hard to get a sense of direction when you don’t know where you’re starting from in the first place.

Contributor: Kayleigh Frost, Head of Clinical Support - Health Assured | Published: 3 September 2021