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Graduate jobs market risks becoming a closed shop following Covid-19

A report from Handshake shows half of businesses believe the shift towards online networks driven by the pandemic presents a chance to level the playing field – but in reality, the UK is seeing a swathe of inclusion problems dubbed “netpotism” – tapping into existing contacts online like family friends, former colleagues and school networks.

Contributor: Dimitar Stanimiroff, General Manager EMEA - Handshake | Published: 19 April 2021

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Are you allowed to ask applicants if they have a criminal Record?

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 allows most convictions (and cautions) to be considered spent after a specified period of time. Once a caution or conviction is spent the person is considered rehabilitated and the ROA treats the person as if they had never committed an offence. 

Contributor: Emma O’Leary | Published: 16 October 2019

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Three-in-ten plan to change jobs in 2019

For example, 45 percent of people working in large firms feel their capabilities are being wasted – in micro and small businesses the number drops to 31 percent and 29 percent respectively. Similarly, 47 percent of those in large enterprises feel undervalued by their employer.

Contributor: Ritam Gandhi | Published: 19 January 2019

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15th January will be busiest day for job applications

January is always an exceptionally busy time for recruitment as workers look to make a change in their lives and fulfil their New Year’s resolutions,” says Nick Kirk, UK Managing Director at Michael Page. “As a result, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd amongst a sea of other applicants.

Contributor: Nick Kirk | Published: 15 January 2019

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One In three lie in Job Interviews and On Their CV’s

More than 38 percent of UK people admitted to lying on their CV and in job interviews, the new research carried out nationwide by #1 hiring app JOB TODAY shows that the most popular lies include: Being able to speak a foreign language. Lying about previous experience, with some people even putting down celebs as references! 

Contributor: Polina Montano | Published: 25 August 2018

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Company reputation more important than ever in crowded jobs market

The Vast majority of British jobseekers deem it essential to research a company’s reputation before applying for a job. Name recognition remains vital, with only one in nine candidates deeming it unimportant. More than half of jobseekers automatically distrust a company with no internet presence.

Contributor: Bill Richards | Published: 9 August 2018

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Two thirds of businesses not accessible for young jobseekers

Two out of three businesses have no direct access for young people to gain employment according to research. Two-hundred company websites were externally assessed based on young people’s expectations of applying for jobs for the youth employment accessibility research project. The research was designed by young people and delivered by young people.

Contributor: Chris Tarry | Published: 12 May 2018