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Right to Work checks, are your managers cutting corners?

This is a busy time for the Retail sector - pressure for sales and pressure to cope with staff recruitment challenges that the new year can often bring. It’s a time when Right to Work checks can be done in haste, or worse still as an afterthought once someone has been recruited. This can give rise to non-compliance with Right to Work legislation with serious consequences for your organisation. Article from Rightcheck.

Contributor: Rightcheck | Published: 15 January 2017

Most workers don’t know their entitlements after redundancy

Survey shows 63 percent of UK adults do not fully understand the process of redundancy. More than three quarters do not know all the benefits they would be entitled to. Comment from Mike Hartley, Commercial Director at Scotcareers.

Contributor: Mike Hartley | Published: 8 January 2017

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Calls for abolition of working status

The employment status of ‘worker’ should be abolished as part of a revised system of categorising self-employed and employed personnel. That’s the recommendation by The HR Dept in its submission to the Government’s consultation on The Future World of Work.

Contributor: The HR Dept | Published: 30 December 2016