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Coffee roulette perks up isolated employees

Data science company Profusion shows the results of its successful trial of an AI-driven keeping in touch system called Coffee Roulette.  It is a series of algorithms that identifies team members who are likely to have had little contact while remote lockdown based on factors such as the team they work in and their seniority.

Contributor: Natalie Cramp, CEO - Profusion | Published: 8 November 2020

Remote working continues to divide opinion

According to a survey conducted by an affordable conference call software provider, WHYPAY?, over half of the UK workforce admit that their mental health is better when working from home. With this in mind, what can employers do to navigate the ongoing work from home initiative? Have a read of these tips. 

Contributor: Kal Withana, Digital PR Executive - WHYPAY? | Published: 29 October 2020

Massive rise in employee assistance requests for legal issues

New figures from employee benefits provider Personal Group reveal a 65% increase in calls to employee assistance programme (EAP) for legal concerns.   The data, which shows nearly a third (30%) of calls were for legal reasons, comes at a time when employees are grappling with new issues in the workplace – ranging from health & safety to furlough rights. It also reflects a post-lockdown rise in divorce enquiries, with Citizens Advice recently sharing that views on its divorce webpage are up by 25%.  

Contributor: Rebekah Tapping, Group HR director - Personal Group | Published: 19 October 2020

Over half UK workers say their employer is unprepared for second wave of COVID-19

In these uncertain times and as we enter a new period of increased restrictions, there are many employee expectations and concerns that business and HR leaders must address in order to alleviate anxieties around the world of work.

Contributor: Dr. Chris Mullen, executive director, The Workforce Institute - UKG & Dan Schawbel, Managing Partner, Workplace Intelligence; advisory board member -The Workforce Institute at UKG | Published: 28 September 2020

person holding pencil near laptop computer person holding pencil near laptop computer

Lack of feedback is threatening post-pandemic bounceback

HR teams may have successfully kept employee engagement high during lockdowns, but over three-quarters are unsure that their current listening and feedback strategy will be effective to tackle future challenges.

Contributor: Kate Pritchard, Head of Engagement and Leadership - Questback | Published: 9 August 2020

black and white ceramic mug on saucer beside macbook pro black and white ceramic mug on saucer beside macbook pro

Could remote workers’ overuse of technology be fuelling mental health pressures?

The research shows that many workers would welcome the introduction of a business policy to manage technology and screen time overuse, with over three quarters (76%) feeling it would help them to manage physical health better and 65% believing it would support their mental health.

Contributor: Richard di Benedetto, President - Aetna International | Published: 15 July 2020

Half of UK employees still expect to be furloughed, fired, or take a pay cut in the next three months

• Just 51% of current employees expect to continue to work normally over the next three months • One in ten (9%) expect to be furloughed and then made redundant, and another 5% expect to simply be made redundant • Disabled people are almost twice as likely to expect to be made redundant, either immediately or after furlough

Contributor: Peter Meyler, Head of Workplace Consultancy - Barnett Waddingham | Published: 29 May 2020