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When promotion leads to managerial blues

While becoming a manager is generally portrayed in a positive light, there is evidence that some individuals experience managerial blues.

Contributor: Nishani Bourmault, Assistant Professor - NEOMA | Published: 30 November 2021

Businesses struggling to adapt employee experience to meet new work needs

Despite their best intentions, most employers are facing difficulties responding to changing employee expectations around employee experience and wellbeing during the pandemic. 69% of HR leaders admit that their efforts to improve employee experience are being held back by a lack of a clear strategy, and 76% report that they are struggling to adapt their employee experience to meet the needs of a hybrid workforce.

Contributor: Matt Macri-Waller, CEO - Benefex | Published: 9 November 2021

When appraisals go AWOL, so do employees

77% of organisations have introduced new digital processes to support employees during remote working over the past year, yet only 41% say their appraisals are conducted via HR software. That’s according to research by StaffCircle, which surveyed employees and HR managers to identify the disparity between organisations adopting new technology (like Microsoft Teams to improve communication within the workforce), but still using paper-based and manual processes to conduct performance appraisals.

Contributor: Mark Seemann, founder and CEO - StaffCircle | Published: 6 November 2021

Half of Brits would refuse to reveal COVID Vaccination status to employers

New Unisys Security Index™ finds almost half of Brits are unaware of SMS phishing, and more than two-thirds don't know where to report scams if they were to be victimised Almost two-thirds of Brits are uncomfortable with their employer monitoring their log-in and log-out times when working from home.

Contributor: Unisys | Published: 3 November 2021

Amid the great resignation, perks and pay are no longer enough

While competitive pay and generous perks are key to employee satisfaction and retention, a new global study by Weber Shandwick management consultancy United Minds and KRC Research reveals that the ability to make a meaningful contribution to the job is just as important.

Contributor: Kate Bullinger, CEO - United Minds | Published: 22 October 2021

New research lifts the lid on the effects of remote working

The third annual survey by Globalization Partners explores the current employee sentiment regarding working on a global team, the remote work shift, the perception of their company and overall job satisfaction. Work-life balance is the top factor contributing to a positive global employee experience, and 48% of employees say working remotely has positively impacted their perception.

Contributor: Nicole Sahin, CEO and Founder - Globalization Partners | Published: 14 August 2021

There’s a gap between employee expectations and return to work plans

Staff want hybrid working on the return to the office – with 60% of office-based employees saying they’ll leave or be less committed if they don’t get what they want. 32% will look for new jobs, with a further 28% saying they’ll be less motivated going forward.

Contributor: Kate Pritchard - Tivian | Published: 9 August 2021

What will home workers miss most on the return back to normal?

It’s no secret that many workers may feel a little anxious ahead of their return to the office, having worked from home for nearly 18-months now. So, to help workers best prepare, Julian Hall, co-founder of My Internal World shares three simple tips.

Contributor: Mark Taylor, Managing Director - Office Furniture Online | Published: 22 July 2021