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Employers should expect increase in shared parental leave

Employers should prepare themselves for more staff taking interest in shared parental leave, according to a new report commissioned by employment law specialists, Winckworth Sherwood. 

Contributor: Louise Lawrence, Partner - Winckworth Sherwood | Published: 24 February 2020

Employee experience crash: A quarter of UK workers set to quit their jobs in 2020

“Leaders and managers need to realise that an employee’s experience is just as important as a customer’s experience. Employee expectations are changing faster than ever, but many companies don’t even have basic feedback mechanisms in place.  With the combination of experience data and increasingly advanced analysis tools, organizations should implement the right listening tools in place to connect more deeply and personally with their employees.”

Contributor: Laura Harding, Employee Experience Consultant - Qualtrics | Published: 23 February 2020

culture culture

Employee surveillance – how far is too far? 

Employers need to make sure their actions remain lawful – and also consider the potential impact on their workers. Vanessa Bell, Head of employment – Prettys said: “Despite it being around for a while, we have noticed an increased use of email, internet and telephone monitoring

Contributor: Vanessa Bell | Published: 9 September 2019

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Could it be that UK are best at combatting stress?

Researchers analysed national policies governing things like healthy eating in the workplace, the promotion of physical activity and methods to tackle workplace stress. Worryingly, just 29 percent of ‘EU establishments’ - such as regulatory bodies - had guidelines or policies in place to help promote workplace health. 

Contributor: Mike Edwards | Published: 6 May 2019

Revealed: The Best and Worst Employee/Employer Relationships

“A good employee-employer relationship is critical for the culture and success of a business or brand. These survey results show there is an unfortunate discrepancy between how employers and employees rate their relationship.” said Luke Battah, CEO at PASS Technology.

Contributor: Luke Battah | Published: 22 March 2019

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The creeping tide of tiredness at work

The research, commissioned by Sealy UK, reveals 28 percent of people have arrived late to work because of a lack of sleep whilst almost a fifth have actually feigned an illness and not gone into work at all because they are tired.

Contributor: Dr. Sarah Jarvis | Published: 15 March 2019