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Fifty-three percent of employees in the UK feel overworked

- More than half (53%) of employees in the UK feel overworked, citing factors like reaching their maximum capacity, being spread too thin, or stressing over the threat of additional work - according to new data from Censuswide, commissioned by people analytics company Visier.

Contributor: Ben Harris, Director EMEA North - Visier | Published: 28 March 2023

CIOs need to look beyond IT

Three years ago, CIOs were winning plaudits from the rest of the c-suite for the way the IT team scrambled to deliver a digital workplace within a matter of days. Now, however, the shine has faded badly. While traditional IT performance measures may point to great system uptime, utilisation and performance, the human digital experience is far from ideal. Indeed, the lack of subjective understanding of the individual employee digital experience is creating serious business problems, from plummeting productivity to staff retention and reputational damage. And yet many CIOs have no idea.

Contributor: Dave Page, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Actual Experience | Published: 18 March 2023

How is working from home impacting employee visibility?

In a world where virtual meetings and working from home is the new normal, how can employees know their place in the business and gain visibility and opportunity from their employers? Thom Dennis, CEO of Serenity in Leadership provides insight into how to see and be seen when working from home.

Contributor: Thom Dennis, CEO - Serenity in Leadership | Published: 2 February 2023

Desk potatoes are risking diabetes

New data has revealed one in five UK employees are sitting for more than eight hours each day, contributing to the decline in physical or mental health experienced by 79% of employees in the past year.

Contributor: Dan Marchant, Director - Vape Club and UKVIA | Published: 1 February 2023

Ensuring effective employee development

Trends suggest that 2023 will be the year to focus on the employee experience. As organisations seek to tackle widening skill gaps and retain existing talent, HR will need to place greater importance on developing employees in ways that address their needs as individuals.

Contributor: Sandra Walker, Frontier Software | Published: 29 December 2022

Half of UK workers suffering mental health issues

A survey commissioned by UiPath found that half of UK workers (50%) have experienced mental health problems in the last three years, with 41% having taken time off work in the last twelve months as a result.

Contributor: Mark Gibbs, President, EMEA - UiPath | Published: 23 October 2022

Is COVID fuelling an excuse culture?

The number of Americans looking for excuses to miss work - taking into account varying search terms - has shot up to 2.23million in 2022 already, compared to only 305,590 in 2018. It jumped seven folds compared to five years ago. In light of this, the global IT staffing firm collaborated with Senior Executive Wellness Coach and Organizational Development (OD) Strategist Dr. Shané P. Teran to explore why this is the case and what employers can do to support their employees. The research comes as Gallup reveals that at least half of the US workforce are "quiet quitters."

Contributor: Rowan O’Grady, President of Americas - Frank Recruitment Group | Published: 21 October 2022

Why are expectant mothers increasingly reluctant to share pregnancy news?

The survey asked 1,000 UK-based mothers who worked during/pre pregnancy (with 250 mums with children/at least one child under 3, and the rest with children under 16) about their experience at work both during pregnancy and upon returning to work after their maternity leave. The respondents were asked questions focusing on how mothers were made to feel upon sharing their pregnancy news, while also uncovering the impact their pregnancy had on their career, their confidence and their mental health.

Contributor: Gemma McCall, CEO - Culture Shift | Published: 16 October 2022