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Employee surveillance – how far is too far? 

Employers need to make sure their actions remain lawful – and also consider the potential impact on their workers. Vanessa Bell, Head of employment – Prettys said: “Despite it being around for a while, we have noticed an increased use of email, internet and telephone monitoring

Contributor: Vanessa Bell | Published: 9 September 2019

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Could it be that UK are best at combatting stress?

Researchers analysed national policies governing things like healthy eating in the workplace, the promotion of physical activity and methods to tackle workplace stress. Worryingly, just 29 percent of ‘EU establishments’ - such as regulatory bodies - had guidelines or policies in place to help promote workplace health. 

Contributor: Mike Edwards | Published: 6 May 2019

Revealed: The Best and Worst Employee/Employer Relationships

“A good employee-employer relationship is critical for the culture and success of a business or brand. These survey results show there is an unfortunate discrepancy between how employers and employees rate their relationship.” said Luke Battah, CEO at PASS Technology.

Contributor: Luke Battah | Published: 22 March 2019

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The creeping tide of tiredness at work

The research, commissioned by Sealy UK, reveals 28 percent of people have arrived late to work because of a lack of sleep whilst almost a fifth have actually feigned an illness and not gone into work at all because they are tired.

Contributor: Dr. Sarah Jarvis | Published: 15 March 2019

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The 2019 Top Employers to work for in the UK revealed

Phil Sproston, UK Country Manager at the Top Employers Institute, says, “This year’s Top Employers are really leading the way when it comes to creating progressive ‘people-first’ HR practices. We’ve seen outstanding best practice across every aspect of the employee lifecycle.

Contributor: David Plink | Published: 11 February 2019

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Half of workers want flexy seven-day week over conventional five-day

The research shows that employees no longer want to be chained to the Industrial Revolution-inspired 9-5 working week, Monday to Friday. While employers increasingly offer a four-day week as a sweetener, this is not the right fit for all employees.

Contributor: Mathias Linnemann | Published: 5 February 2019

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Curse of the pointless meetings that will cost $541bn in 2019

The report is a comprehensive look at the time taken up by cancelled or unnecessary meetings, inefficient ways of working and preferred methods of meeting and features expert comment from organisational academics and psychologists. 

Contributor: Gabriele Ottino | Published: 4 February 2019

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Sunday fear… do you suffer?

One in five UK workers confessed they would ‘remove’ a particular colleague when quizzed on the one thing they would change in their job. The results, from a survey of 2,000 UK workers, show most lose almost an entire day thinking about the week ahead rather than switching off and enjoying the whole weekend. 

Contributor: Mark Rhodes | Published: 27 January 2019

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Revealed: how trouble brews at work

The research also uncovered that 94 percent of employees find physical contact in the workplace acceptable, from a fist pump (32 percent), to almost a fifth (17 percent) citing a kiss on the cheek as fine. A further 52 percent think a pat on the shoulder is acceptable.

Contributor: Ricky Martin | Published: 24 January 2019