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Flexible working ranked top priority

Cendex, part of XpertHR, reveals that flexible working is now a top priority for job candidates, identified by 70% of HR professionals surveyed when asked about their experience of the recruitment process.

Contributor: Scott Walker, Managing Director - Cendex | Published: 20 November 2021

Highest death risks for global employee health revealed

Employers sending staff to overseas assignments will be governed by Foreign Office advice on safety and security regarding civil unrest and natural disasters, but what of the silent killers that can have a devastating impact an employees’ health? Deaths from cardiovascular disease and cancers far outweigh deaths from conflict, terrorism, and natural disasters, and must be given consideration.

Contributor: Sarah Dennis, Head of International - Towergate Health & Protection | Published: 19 November 2021

The focus turns to wellbeing benefits in the war on talent

Companies are looking to benefit redesign to reflect post-pandemic priorities and attract and retain staff in one of the most competitive labour markets the U.K. has ever experienced, according to Gallagher’s 2021 Benefits Strategy Benchmarking Survey report.

Contributor: Nick Burns, CEO, Gallagher Benefits Services UK | Published: 5 November 2021

Over half of UK businesses don’t offer menopause support

Over half (54%) of UK businesses do not currently have any dedicated menopause support in place within their organisation, such as practical or emotional support for employees to help them manage their symptoms and quality of life.

Contributor: Mridula Pore, CEO - Peppy | Published: 21 October 2021

How can the UK solve the driver shortage?

Recent research by Talent in Logistics has found that 88% of LGV drivers in the UK would be attracted to a role that offers income protection insurance, with 83% stating that critical illness cover would also be an attractive benefit.

Contributor: Ruth Edwards - Talent in Logistics | Published: 13 October 2021

Money worries impacting employee productivity

Personal debt is rising, and many households are facing financial difficulty, especially those with unsecured debt. In addition to the personal turmoil, employees struggling with money will not have their usual focus on work and employers may find that standards slip and output suffers.

Contributor: David Williams, Head of Group Risk - Towergate Health & Protection | Published: 7 October 2021

Employers should address fertility policies ahead of egg-freezing legislation changes

The recently announced changes to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act on the freezing of eggs, sperm and embryos mean that employees will have more choices about having children - which Peppy believes should be a catalyst for employers to review their fertility policy.

Contributor: Francesca Steyn - Peppy | Published: 25 September 2021

Further pandemic restrictions anticipated

A recent survey of 181 senior HR, Finance, and Payroll professionals – representing a global workforce of nearly half a million employees – suggests that most UK businesses are now expecting further COVID-19 restrictions in the autumn and winter months immediately ahead. Howden also asked employers how exposed they were to increased staff absences in the winter ahead as a result of the rapidly growing National Health Service (NHS) waiting lists across the United Kingdom.  More than half (51%) admitted that some (30%) or all (21%) of their employees were entirely reliant on NHS treatment pathways should an illness or injury occur.  Howden Employee Benefits & Wellbeing would therefore strongly encourage employers to remind employees who already have access to private healthcare treatments to use this option to bypass those NHS waiting lists. 

Contributor: Steve Herbert, Head of Benefits Strategy - Howden | Published: 24 September 2021