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Many UK boardrooms blind to opportunity

Britain’s boardrooms may be impairing the UK’s economic potential by habitually viewing risk only in terms of threats rather than in terms of opportunities, a new report has warned. A major study carried out for the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants suggests many boards are becoming increasingly conservative and risk-averse in their outlook.

Contributor: Cormac Bryce | Published: 21 March 2018

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Unilever goes dutch – what it means for the UK and investors

‘It’s too simplistic to view Unilever’s move purely through the prism of Brexit, because there are lots of other factors at play. Unifying the corporate structure will simplify the company’s affairs, and the fact 55% of shares are held through the Dutch listing probably gave the Netherlands a head start on the UK.

Contributor: Laith Khalaf | Published: 19 March 2018

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UK could run out of gas says National Grid

Because over 80 percent of UK households use gas to heat their homes the industry has to handle a huge seasonal swing in demand. Furthermore, during the winter it has to cope with significant fluctuations in demand that require flexible supply, such as extreme weather.

Contributor: Michael Bradshaw | Published: 5 March 2018

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Big drop in new UK car Registrations in 2017 – £2.6 billion loss to economy

The top reasons cited by British motorists for this downturn include rising living costs (31 percent) and mixed messages from the government (13 percent). A further 12 percent believe seven years of government austerity measures has affected sales most, while 10 percent blamed government policy on diesel vehicles.

Contributor: Simon Benson | Published: 13 February 2018

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Eurozone GDP, what next?

Anything the US economy can do the Eurozone economy can do, slightly better it seems. This is the best economic growth the Eurozone has seen since before the Global Financial Crisis. With both the US and Eurozone growing in tandem and with Asian economies on a roll, the hope is that 2018 delivers continued growth, further confidence and economic stability.

Contributor: Jacob Deppe | Published: 7 February 2018


UK economy beats expectations

Good news from the ONS, with UK GDP estimated to have grown 0.5 percent in the final quarter of last year. Economists had expected a slower pace of expansion of 0.4 percent. As ever it’s worth noting that this preliminary estimate is produced using less than half the data which will eventually be available, and will be subject to revision in the coming months.

Contributor: Ben Brettell | Published: 7 February 2018

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Company ownership reform could create three million employee-owners

New models of company ownership could help reduce inequality and spread economic power, according to a new report today. The report recommends the expansion of Employee Ownership Trusts, which give employees majority ownership of companies, with the aim of creating 3 million employee owners by 2030.

Contributor: Mathew Lawrence | Published: 11 January 2018

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Total pessimism for economic conditions in 2018

Not one of the 200 employers polled for this month’s survey thinks economic conditions will be less challenging in 2018 than in 2017. The latest JobsOutlook survey shows that employer confidence in current economic conditions remains negative for the fifth month running. 33% think economic conditions in the country are worsening, while 25% think they are improving.

Contributor: Kevin Green | Published: 8 January 2018