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Confidence in the economy at its worst for six months

New data shows that employers’ confidence in the prospects for the UK economy declined further this month, according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s latest JobsOutlook report. Neil Carberry, Recruitment & Employment Confederation Chief Executive.

Contributor: Neil Carberry | Published: 19 September 2018

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Employers’ confidence in the economy dips

New data shows that employers’ confidence in the prospects for the UK economy turned negative this month according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s latest JobsOutlook report. The balance of those seeing a positive outlook as opposed to a negative one was a net -1, a fall of 7 points since July.

Contributor: Neil Carberry | Published: 22 August 2018

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GDP data – UK economy buoyed by beer and barbecues, but…

The ONS has published its preliminary estimate of GDP which shows the UK economy grew by 0.4 percent in the second quarter, compared to 0.2 percent in the first quarter. The services sector, which makes up the lion’s share of the UK economy and includes the retail industry, grew by 0.5 percent, its strongest reading since the back end of 2016.

Contributor: Laith Khalaf | Published: 10 August 2018

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Sterling responds positively to interest rise

In the end the Unreliable Boyfriend didn’t need dragging to the altar. This was no shotgun wedding - with the Bank’s rate-setting committee voting as one for a rise. “It was this unanimity, rather than the decision itself, that surprised the market – and gave the Pound an extra lift against both the Dollar and the Euro."

Contributor: David Lamb | Published: 6 August 2018

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Rising tide of insolvency hits UK

Just days before the Bank of England is expected to pull the trigger on an interest rate rise, this is a stark reminder of how many Britons are in the firing line. The number of people slipping into insolvency is up by more than a quarter on this time last year, and the quarterly casualty toll has risen to its highest level in six years.

Contributor: David Birne | Published: 2 August 2018

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Homebase sold for £1

Wesfarmers selling Homebase for £1: "This is one of the great all time disasters in the M&A world and it is against some very stiff competition. Both the strategy and the execution were disasters." Says John Colley - Warwick Business School.

Contributor: John Colley | Published: 26 May 2018

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Employer confidence in UK economy finally turns positive

The proportion of employers who believe economic conditions in the UK are getting better outnumber those who think they are getting worse for the first time since August last year. 30 percent of employers are feeling more confident in the future prospects of the UK economy, compared to 29 percent who say they are getting worse.

Contributor: Tom Hadley | Published: 26 May 2018

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Pain of Britain’s economic slowdown already being felt

With the number of people declaring themselves insolvent now back to levels not seen since the dark days of 2012, the fragility of Britain’s recovery has been laid bare. Years of weak wage growth and cheap credit have led millions of Britons to become dangerously leveraged all over again, funding comfortable lifestyles with high levels of debt.

Contributor: Brian Johnson | Published: 10 May 2018

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Pound plunges as GDP growth slows

The Pound’s plunges after the UK announced a sharp slowing in GDP growth - Britain’s economy is slowing badly. With separate data showing that the number of companies going to the wall – and individual insolvencies – is up sharply, this throws an almighty spanner into the narrative of the UK’s steady upward progress.

Contributor: David Lamb | Published: 10 May 2018

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Fears recession is looming

Recent polling by Survation on behalf of GMB shows more than half of those questioned expect the UK to slip into recession within the next two years. Tim Roache, GMB General Secretary, said: “UK growth has ground to a halt. The Government needs to get it's act together and accept that austerity hasn't worked, nor has any strategy Ministers might claim to have for Brexit. 

Contributor: Tim Roache | Published: 9 May 2018