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UK economy worse off by £270bn per year due to workplace discrimination

James Turner, CEO at Sutton Trust – who Debut interviewed for this report – stated, “disadvantaged young people are still struggling to get ahead and face worse outcomes than their more advantaged peers. The UK is a particularly class-based society, which hasn’t changed significantly over time.”

Contributor: James Bennett | Published: 25 May 2019

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Most employers don’t adapt PM processes in consideration of disabilities

New advice from ACAS following research that revealed that only one in four employers confirmed that their performance management systems are adapted for staff with special needs, disabilities and conditions such as dyslexia and autism. Julie Dennis Head of Diversity - Acas.

Contributor: Julie Dennis | Published: 14 November 2018

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Punitive approaches to discrimination not sufficient

A new IZA World of Labor report shows that anti-discrimination policies that rely on a punitive approach are not sufficient to combat discrimination. New research is shedding light on the impact of interventions that aim to reduce prejudices. Discrimination is a complex, multi-factor phenomenon.

Contributor: Marie-Anne Valfort | Published: 2 June 2018

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Landmark legal case on disability discrimination

Workplace disability discrimination protection for cancer victims has been widened as a result of a landmark legal case taken by Unite, the UK’s largest union. The legal victory will ensure that people suffering with ‘pre-cancer’ will be protected under the Equality Act 2010. Contributor Howard Beckett, Assistant General Secretary for legal services Unite Howard Beckett.

Contributor: Howard Beckett | Published: 11 March 2018

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Eight-in-ten female workers believe gender discrimination exists

Discrimination 2018’ poll. The research also pointed to nearly three quarters of the entire workforce asserting that gender discrimination is still present. This year’s findings also demonstrated a worrying trend among young people, 88 percent of whom think that workplace gender discrimination is an issue and 66 percent of whom have experienced it themselves.

Contributor: Paul Devoy | Published: 10 March 2018

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Three in ten UK employees discriminated against at work

More than a third of UK employees (37%) have felt discriminated against in the workplace, according to a new study of 1,300 working adults by ADP®. The research reveals that age is the most common reason for discrimination, cited by one in 10 employees (12%), while 8% feel they’ve been discriminated against due to their gender - rising to 11% amongst women.

Contributor: Jeff Phipps | Published: 6 March 2018