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The great benefits of volunteering explained

The stark mental health difference between employees who volunteer compared to others clearly shows how much of an effect participating in community service can have on wellbeing.

Article by 26 August 2023


Workplace mental health is about outcomes not income

Choosing the riight mental health siupport for your colleagues can be tough. A US report has caused concern with business leaders that the services lack clinical validity. In this blog, Andres Fonseca will gues readers on what to look for when reviewing their supplier, or considering investing in support for their teams.

Article by 18 April 2023


HR Director role needs to change to support mental health

As work environments in the UK become progressively more demanding, employees are putting new demands on their senior leadership teams and HR decision-makers. The demand for better mental health support comes as UK workers increasingly face challenging workloads, long hours, and pressures to maintain high-performance levels constantly and consistently.

Article by 27 March 2023


Employee burnout and stress, what are the causes?

With the workplace an influential environment when it comes to mental health and well-being – why are only 24% of employers providing mental health support? It’s time for employers to identify and build programs that support positive mental health – so they can offer a solution to employee burnout and stress, instead of contributing to the problem. 

Article by 12 October 2022


Mental health and wellbeing is more than just a workplace perk

Established 140 years ago, Banner Jones is a leading law firm with offices in Chesterfield, Sheffield, Dronfield, Mansfield, Nottingham and London. Its 153 strong legal team operates across a full spectrum of legal services; including personal matters such as Personal Injury, Divorce, Wills and Probate, Residential Property and Dispute Resolution through to business advice on Company Formation, Commercial Property, Company Finance, Partnership Agreements, Debt Recovery and Employment issues. The firm also employs a Notary Public in its team - one of the few remaining in Chesterfield.

Article by 2 March 2022


Accessing mental health support in an unequal world

The theme for this year’s World Mental Health Day is ‘Mental Health in an unequal world’. It's a chance to bring attention to the fact that not every employee has the same access to the mental health tools that they many need. It’s important to show compassion, be kind and recognise the world isn’t equal.

Article by 21 October 2021


How to support the mental health of male employees

We’ve all got much better at talking about male mental health. The stigma is not what it once was, with campaigns like Movember and the Mental Health Foundation’s ‘Mental Health Month’ driving far more open conversation. 

Article by 30 September 2021


Mental Health: Supporting Your Global Teams

Taking care of your employee's mental wellbeing is vital to ensure your business runs smoothly. PEO Worldwide give top tips on how to make sure your maintain your duty of care as an employer.

Article by 15 June 2021


Updating mental health policies post-COVID

As the global pandemic stretches on, concerns about the economy, health, social justice, and the changes in working environments mean many employees are operating under extreme stress. In order to maintain productivity and be good corporate citizens, HR professionals must re-evaluate what they offer in terms of mental health and self-care resources.

Article by 15 March 2021