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And … the most annoying office lift habits

A survey published by UK job website Career Builder found that the top annoying habits of workers using office lifts included: (i) someone standing too close to you when there is plenty of room in the lift (36%); (ii) squeezing into an already crowded lift (36%); (iii) not holding the door open when you’re running to get in the lift (30%); (iv) taking the lift to go up one or two floors instead of taking the stairs (29%); (v) someone who won’t move out of the lift to let other people off (28%); (vi) talking on a mobile (23%); (vii) jumping the queue to get in the lift when other people have been waiting longer (23%); and (viii) holding the lift door open for an extended period of time because they’re waiting for someone (20%). Just goes to show why you should use the stairs!

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