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Acas issues advice on using personal devices at work

As part of its ‘Workplace Snippets’ programme, Acas has published some brief guidance on the use of smartphones and other similar devices at work, highlighting the need to develop effective policies for the use of new technology.

Acas’ October Workplace Snippets feature looks at using personal devices (PDs) at work. Acas point out that mobile technology, such as smartphones, tablet computers, etc., is changing the way we go online, organise our social lives and do our work. As such, it's presenting new challenges for employers to keep pace with the implications for the workplace. Some organisations have a 'bring your own device' (BYOD) policy, allowing employees access to company resources and data on their personal devices, which can have some productivity and personal convenience advantages. But there are also significant risks, i.e. the threat to security if a PD is lost, PDs becoming infected by malware during personal use providing a backdoor for hackers into company systems and confidential, or sensitive, information remaining on a PD, after an employee has left. Acas gives advice on developing effective new technologies policies in the Social Networking area of its website.

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