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Women do better than men in 2011 jobs market

The CIPD’s latest Work Audit statistics show that while men benefited most during the initial post-recession jobs recovery in 2010, it’s been tough for both sexes in the 2011 jobs market and women have actually fared slightly better than men despite public sector cutbacks and a sharp fall in part-time employment.

The Work Audit shows that the female unemployment rate has increased from 6.5% to 7.5% since the end of the recession, with the number of unemployed women reaching a record level of 1.09 million, but in 2011 has fallen very slightly relative to that of men. The number of women in work has fallen steadily throughout 2011 but the number of men in work has fallen even more, meaning that by the third quarter of 2011 the number of women in work was still 32,000 higher than at the end of 2010 while the number of men in work was 86,000 lower. Men, not women, have been hit hardest by the substantial loss of part-time jobs in 2011.

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