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Acas and the TUC launch new mediation guide


and the TUC launch new mediation guide

Acas and the TUC
launched a new guide for trade union representatives at the TUC conference on
the benefits of mediation, and how it can complement their role in helping
avoid costly disputes by offering an informal and confidential process to
tackle difficult issues.

Acas and the TUC
recognise that trade unions play an important role in resolving disputes
through informal channels. According to research, 73% of union reps said they
had spent time on individual disputes. The new guide seeks to reassure union
reps of the benefits of mediation and highlights the type of disputes where it
can offer an informal and confidential space to tackle issues. Mediation is
particularly useful for bullying and harassment issues and personality clashes
that are not always easily dealt with through formal procedures.

The guide points out
that mediation is not a replacement for trade union representation, and nor
should it undermine the valuable role of trade union representatives. It is,
rather, a complementary process. The guide covers: (i) what happens during
mediation; (ii) the role of representatives in mediation and how to support
members; (iii) how to work with employers to set up mediation arrangements;
(iv) how mediation fits with other workplace procedures and agreements; and (v)
trade Union reps acting as mediators.

A guide for trade union representatives is available from the
Acas mediation page.

September 2010

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